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L’Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya (APCC)

APCC is a private independent and a pro bono organization, which aims to boost and promote circus along with cultural, social and financial life in Catalonia. Founded in 2004, APCC brings together and reinforces the sector from its beginnings representing the different Catalan professional circus’ fields: artists, technicians, entrepreneurs, critics, theorititians, and teachers. With almost 300 associate members, we can claim that APCC represents the Catalan Circus sectors.

Escoles de circ

Rogelio Rivel Circus arts centre

Rogelio Rivel arts centre started off in 1999 with a pilot course and one year later, in 2000, the first circus tent-school, on a site provided by the District of Nou Barris and the Rogelio Rivel Circus Association. Due to this a two-year preparation training programme for takes off for youth between 16 and 25 year-olds.

With this tent a historical place in Barcelona is created; devoted especially to circus and primarily to creation and training, an encounter, daily training and exchange place.

Aimed and developed with high effort standards and the determination of a teachers and managers team, nowadays the Centre is a consolidated project recognised in Europe as member of FEDEC (European Federation of Professional Circus Schools) and as professional school of circus arts.

The first teachers at the Centre received classes from Rogelio Rivel himself, who was born in a lineage of Catalan circus artists. The name of the school pays homage to the artist for having passed on his profound love for this art and craft.

Year after year, the team has been able to find the balance between the traditional training, self-teaching and the new contributions coming from other countries and pedagogical and artistic fields in order to offer a better training and arts education.

On 2nd of June of 2015, the Catalan Government made official the Training cycle in Circus Arts. And since the academic course 2015-16, the Centre offers a title through its training programme.

Carampa Circus School

The Circus School Carampa was founded in 1994 with the aim of teaching circus arts professionally and with a commitment with continuity and the professionalism of its programmes.

The school has been presented in all the recent important events related to the circus arts in Spain, and its work has become a source of inspiration for a great deal of new circus projects boosted from Spain and Latin America.
The dynamic nature of the programme is given by the teachers’ high professionalism, elite athletes with long trajectories in teaching, a rigorous pedagogical standard and an open and lively manner to conceive training. We learn from what we teach, offering this way an every day a better training.

The circus school Carampa has shown sufficiently its management capacity and its commitment with quality circus training with its annual programmes in Carampa School’s country house and its participation in many pedagogical projects at a national and international level.

We received the Circus National Award granted by the Ministry of Culture in 2011 for all this work.
Our work is widely endorsed at an international level and we’re currently holding the Presidency of the FEDEC (European Federation of Professional Circus Schools). We actively participate in the European debate on the circus arts training and our experience is positively recognised unanimously.

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