Activities for professionals

Exhibition “Papers Circus”

From 11 to 14 of may
Castell del Cambrer

This exhibition of Circus Papers is designed to be a simple visual distraction, but also is an opportunity to look into the circus world at depth via this publicity.

It tries to give a panoramic view of the Circus Arts with special emphasis on those that are related to publicity and the promotion of artistic companies and shows.

It brings together a wide range of postcards, hand programs, stamps, magazines, stickers, photographs and cinema publicity.  Without trying to be an exhaustive collection it shows the basic iconography and characteristics of a performance art that has been influenced by various tendencies of plastic art forms throughout the 19th & 20th centuries.

Friday, 12 may


12.00 – 14.00h
At Alcover (Camp de Tarragona)

Visit to Alcover’s Convent de les Arts  (Art’s convent)

Within this convent’s framework recently transformed into an exhibition and creation space, located 15 km from Reus, is our first meeting point and it will represent the first phase of creation and research.

We will visit the place and we will also present you La Central del Circ (Circus Central), a centre for creation and rehearsal in Barcelona, this way we endure the connection between the centres and we foster territorial synergies between performing arts equipments.

There will also be two presentations of very different work in progress pieces:

Pablo Molina, young artist from Reus, trained at Le Lido – Toulouse, will present his solo Phantôme. That’s the way he describes it: Unreal figure, imaginary and normally incorporeal created by the imagination; It gives life to all the moving, endowed with movement and evolution.
This entity appears especially imprinted in memory in tormenting form.

And the company Los Barlou will present an extract of Set Up, their new show that will premiere in June 2017. Juggling, magic, unicycles and unbalanced balances, filled with humor and action are the main ingredients of this theater/circus show, suitable for all audiences and can be performed in the street, theaters and/or other multipurpose spaces.

Los Barlou is a new company integrated by three very well-know artists in Catalunya; Dani Cercos “Patillas”, Jordi Juanet “Boni” y Minervino Montell “Miner”.

16.30 – 18.00h
At the Professional Area

Welcome and presentation of Trapezi 2017

Welcome session with all the participants, team, institutions and organizations involved. The organization team will present the new phase, the detailed programme of Trapezi 2017 and the professional activities.

There will also be presentations of collectives, organizations and associations of the sector part of Trapezi 2017: State Federation of Professional Circus Associations (FEADPC), Rogelio Rivel Circus School (Barcelona), Carampa Circus School (Madrid) or Street Arts Platform (PAC).

Saturday, 13 may


10:30 – 12.00h
At the Professional Area

Production, coproduction and other challenges for circus and performing arts

Session addressed to companies, programmers and local and state agents.

Trapezi wants to enhance the production, the networking and boost this important phase in performing arts, but still fragile in the Circus field. We are giving a voice to initiatives, structures and companies, which have approached this issue in order to bring new ways to support each other, enhance the existing structures and propose new ones.

To begin with, two companies will present their project to with them visibility and look for complicities, coproduction and possible collaborators in order to reach the production’s final phase well surrounded. The companies presenting their projects are: Psirc on El meu nom és Hor and Winter Circus of Ateneu Popular de 9barris on 2018 production, directed by the physical theatre company Los Corderos.

Afterwards, we will organise a panel discussion with Pia Mazuela (Cia. Sol Picó), Ramon Simó (Festival Grec ex-director) and Maria Folguera (Teatro Circo Price), moderated by Laia Alzueta.

14.00 – 16:30h
At Jardins de La Palma

Professionals’ Lunch

Meeting and networking session for companies, programmers, and other agents to foster connections, likely and unlikely relationships, collaborations and exchanges.

Sunday, 14 may


13.00 – 14.00h
At the Professional Area

Vermouth for all the participants

Farewell informal session to establish the initiated work, reiterate intentions, sharing conclusions and continue building together for the upcoming edition.

Further information and registration

Clara Matas Vidal
+34 660 066 048