Activities for professionals

Friday, 13th May


10.00h – 13.00h
At La Central del Circ (Barcelona)
(Previous registration required)

Visit to the creation centre La Central del Circ and showcase of the companies in residence.

Programme of the visit to La Central del Circ.

This activity is open to programmers and other agents such as the professionals working in circus and other performing arts’ institutions and organizations.

16.00h – 17.15h

Opening of La Pista –  Professional Area (Reus)

Welcome coffee TRAPEZI, with all the participants and the organization’s team.

At Pl. Peixateries (Reus)

Dóna’m una pista (Work in progress showcase): Menar, by Joan Català (20’)

Saturday, 14th May


10.30h – 12.00h
At La Pista – Professional Area (Reus)
(Previous registration required)

Debate – The job of the agent in circus companies:  production, distribution, and other unclassifiable things.

This activity is addressed to students of cultural production and management, agents interested to discover circus as a new work field and circus artists who are starting to manage their own projects.

We will learn the basic specificities of running a circus company, the artists needs, and the working possibilities in the field. Starting with topics such as:

  • What does imply to work in the management in a field of self-taught artists and agents?
  • Other models:  Is France still a reference?
  • Internationalization: Is this the only option for artists and shows to survive? Main circus festivals and fairs.

With the participation of cultural manager Sònia Martínez, artists Celso and Frana, and Trapezi’s artistic director Jordi Gaspar. Moderated by Laia Alzueta (Cultural manager. She was the managing director of APCC between 2007 and 2011.).

13.30h – 14.00h
At La Pista – Professional area (Reus)

CIRCUS INCUBATOR – new calls for artists and agents.
Programme addressed to artists below 30 and agents who work with circus artists (no age limit).

Circus Incubator is an international program, which works as an incubator for circus projects, a space in which artists can develop a way of work combining artistic research and entrepreneurial vision.

In summer 2016 a new call is going to open for artists and agents who would like to participate in the project Circus Incubator (with working sessions in Brasil and Stockholm)

Ione Hermosa, managing director of La Central del Circ (partner organization in this project), will explain the guidelines of the call. We will also listen to the experience of two artists selected for the first encounter, which will already have taken place in Helsinki (6-10 May): Vivian Friedrich and Andrea Sperotto.

14.00h – 16.00h
At La Pista – Professional area (Reus)

The Trapezi’s Vermut. Meeting for accredited professionals.

At Parc de Sant Jordi (Reus)
Dóna’m una pista: Pulso, by Atempo Circ

At Teatre Orfeó (Reus)
Dóna’m una pista: Extravaganza, by Jordi Kerol – Cie. Subliminati Corporation

Other activities for Circus professionals

Trapezi is hosting the meeting of Spanish Circus Professionals Federation (CIRCORED – Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Profesionales de Circo- ) which was officially born at the Trapezi 2015.
The organizations attending this edition are: ACA (Andalusia); APPCV (País Valencià); APCG (Galícia); MADPAC (Madrid); APCC (Catalunya).

For more information, please contact the APCC.