Professionals’ Area

Professional Area

At the professional area of FiraTrapezi we are still working on giving visibility and enhancing the circus sector in Catalonia and the rest of the state. We provide business space boosting the creation, the production and the distribution of all formats and disciplines.

One of the main objectives of this edition is to encourage different ways of support between artists and agents at a local and international level; fostering the production/coproduction phase and also the circuit at local and international level.

The professional area has a new location. We are moving to Cal Massó, an old liquor factory transformed into a multidisciplinary artistic centre. A cosy and spacious meeting point open along the 4 days of the fair, which works as a reference point, a place for conversation and professional activities.

At the professional area (Cal Massó) you will collect the tickets for the shows and you can also use it as a meeting place.

There is free access to Wi-Fi, coffee and an open-air terrace.

The professional area is also the reference and information point for the companies, associations and organizations involved.

Within this place you will be able to visit the exhibition: The Circus’ colour – Polish posters (1960 – 1988), a collection of Javier Jiménez.

Cal Massó
C/ de Pròsper de Bofarull, 7
43202 Reus

Information and accreditation schedules
Thursday 10: 16 – 19.30h
Friday 11: 10 – 14 / 16 – 20h
Saturday 12: 10 -14 / 16 – 20h
Sunday 13: 10 – 14h

Clara Matas / +34 660 066 048

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