Ajuntament de Reus
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    Saturday 11, 19.00 h
    Sunday 12, 11.00 h
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Rojo estándar

“Love is a mystery. Everything in it is an inexplicable phenomena, everything in it is illogical, everything in it is vague and absurd ” Bécquer

Stranger and stranger move across a strange world. Marked by the white and the red color, they want to approach from curiosity, difference, play … and they will bring the most fun combinations. Sensitive and tender, sassy and cheerful, Rojo estándar leaves a footprint in the retina, in memory and in the heart. This union between circus and dance has achieved the recognition and enjoyment of thousands of people of all ages, in its numerous festivals and tours in Spain and Europe.

FETEN Prize 2018 for the best street show
Lorca Prize 2018 for the best street show

Fitxa artística

  • Creation and performance: Darío Dumont and Greta García

  • Dramaturgy: Alba Sarraute

  • Direction: Rosa Diaz

  • Acting assistance: Noelia Rosa

  • Scenography: En Ascuas Forja, Pepe del Pino and Anna Jonsson

  • Disseny d’il·luminació: Ernesto Monza

  • Costumes: Anna Jonsson

  • Music: Morten Jespersen