Ajuntament de Reus


Ahir (Yesterday) dialogues with the past. An incision in the timeline that enables us to observe, stretch, freeze and transform it to the point of reinterpreting its continuity. A bold and poetic journey; sometimes raw, also fresh and always sincere. A space in which memories and imagination are confused. Ahir is a piece about all those people who at some time have pursued, in their past, an answer or a desire.


  • Authorship: Animal Religion (Joan Cot, Joana Serra and Quim Girón)
  • Direction: Carlota Grau
  • Circus artists: Quim Girón
  • Lightning artist: Joana Serra
  • Music: Joan Cot
  • Stage design: Mercè Lucchetti
  • Costumes: Adriana Parra
  • Technical support and Pangolin programmation: Carlos Ferrer
  • Text: Quim Girón
  • Accompaniment: Jordi Fontdevila
  • Creation residencies: Can Gassol – Centre de Creació d’Arts Escèniques de Mataró, Centre Cultural la Torreta de Montmeló and ArteSorio 147 de Mataró
  • Administrative Production: ElClimamola
  • Tour production and distribution: Jaume Nieto / Imaginart Gestió d’Espais Escènics