Ajuntament de Reus
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    Friday 10, 18.00 h
    Saturday 11, 19.00 h
    Sunday 12, 18.00 h
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    Balearic Islands
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A s’ombra

A s’ombra talks about the experiences of the two characters. This pair live in a world out of time in a perpetual journey that has condemn them to an errant life. They move from a place to another carrying their universe with them. They inhabit an empty space, they play with what life has to offer them. They move about through feeling and experiencing; stimulus-response, basic and primary sentiments. It’s in the stage where the most thrilling, amazing, curious, extravagant and eccentric deeds, situations and actions take place. Always with the circus’ language as its protagonist.

A s’ombra is a contemporary circus show, whose makers try to undergo through research processes to propose new ways and languages to achieve different outcomes. They try to approach the technique, the dramaturgy, the expression through objects or the music in brand new ways. Always with the objective to establish a direct connection with the audience building a strong empathy to bring the spectators to the artists’ universe.

A s’ombra includes different circus techniques: aerial trapeze, knife-throwing combined with acrobatic balanced, objectict manipulation and the circus actor.

Artistic team

  • Performers: Guillem Vizcaíno and Mari Paz Arango
  • Sound technician and set-up assistant: Javier Zurera
  • Original idea: Atirofijo Circ
  • Artistic directorship: Atirofijo Circ with the collaboration of Pau Portabella
  • Scenography and circus objects: Atirofijo Circ and Artesanias Greca
  • Production: Atirofijo Circ