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Ajuntament de Reus

Col 3

  • Data
    Thursday 12, 22.00 h (60′)
    Friday 13, 22.30 h (90′)
    Saturday 14, 22.30 h (90′)
  • Lloc
  • Durada
  • Preu
  • País
  • Web
    All ages


What is perfection? What does it mean to be perfect? How do you do something perfect? Or well?

Perhaps one day we will understand that there is nothing valuable in perfection. This is an invention of those who don’t want us to love each other or ourselves. Because, if so, we would stop buying, hiding, judging, envying …
Then we would feel free, brave and in full control of our bodies, actions and thoughts …
And we would use our bodies to live, to entangle it in expectations.
We would be happier.

Marta Sitjà


  • Direction: Marta Sitjà
  • Performers: Lolo Fernández, Mama Calypso, Cirque Barcode, La farfalla rossa, Tripotes, INO Kollektiv, Aleksandra Savina, Pablo Molina, Duo Requiém, Col·lectiu MUR, Cironautes and Cia. Vetus Venustas
  • Coordination: Sílvia Compte
  • Musical direction: Nacho López
  • Circus technician: Ulrich Weigel
  • Technical design: Andreu Fabregas
  • Sound technician: Juan Carlos Carozo “Koko”