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Ajuntament de Reus


The spiral that condenses and spreads out, that penetrates and expands in a set of mirrors @feferre

Spiralis is a performative, multidisciplinary, poetic and innovative show for all audiences.Inspired by the spiral and all it represents: the whirlpool, evolution and the passages of life, our destinies in constant transformation…Two bodies, two energies building an iron sculpture in movement, in an harmoniously balanced sound environment whilst live.

“You raise me to the highest exponent of myself. You and I together may touch the golden ratio with our fingertips” @feferre


  • Creation, artistic direction and interpretation: Cia. Bool – Boris Ribas and Olga Lladó
  • Music: Àlex Rodríguez Flaqué + Clara Peya (production by Clara Peya, Dídac Fernández and Adri González; mixing and recording by Tramboline Estudis)
  • Sculptor of the iron structure: Uli – Al Ferrer de Belles Arts
  • Lighting design: Quico Gutiérrez
  • Costume: Fernando Soria Muriel
    Project advice and collaborations: Marcos Caetano Ribas, Bibiana Morales, Victor Sancho, Eulàlia Franquesa and Niubó
  • Author of poems: Fe Ferrer Ferraté
  • Distribution: Montse Ferrer
  • Production: Cia. Bool

With the collaboration and support of

Teatro Auditorio Llinars del Vallès
Casa de Colonias Mogent de Llinars del Vallès
Circo Cric
Can Palots
La Destilería
Generalidad de Cataluña, ICEC
Centro de Artes Escénicas de Alella
SAT! de Barcelona