Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Friday 23, 17.30 h
    Saturday 24, 17.30 h
    Sunday 25, 17.30 h
  • Lloc
    Jardí de la Casa Rull
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  • Preu
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    All audiences

Peix (Fish)

Once upon a time a fish pondered doubtfully in infinite depths, all alone, without any big fish snooping, any manta ray to shelter him, or without swordfish, clownfish, not even hairy congers. Freed from everything, nonetheless he cannot get it out of his mind: fish-tank.

Peix is a metaphorical journey into human depths to seek what makes us swim, search and row through the magnitude and the unpredictable force whilst always being bewildered by the waves.


  • Idea, creation and performance: Tomeu Amer
  • External gaze: Ada Vilaró
  • Artistic accompaniment: Griselda Juncà
  • Musical composition and sound advice: Sasha Agranov
  • Design and scenography construction: Tomeu Amer
  • Technician and illustrations: David Permanyer
  • Production: Griselda Juncà and La Persiana
  • Circus ring: Ulrich Weigel
  • Costumes: Hotel iocandi
  • Distribution: Alina Ventura – La maleta dels espectacles
  • Co-production: Fira Tàrrega 2019 – Support to creation