Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Tuesday 22 december, 20.00 h
  • Lloc
    Tearte Bartrina
  • Durada
  • Preu
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    All audiences

Déjà vu

Déjà vu talks about the distance between a person and their dreams, between what they are and what they would like to be.

Very ambitious dreams that excite the delusions of grandeur, but are for the moment impossible, plunging that person into despondency. Especially suggestive, bold and fascinating … infused with a sharp sense of humour and a touch of surrealism.

A visual spectacle, void of text. The story has a hint of melancholy where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. Just as if Bartleby, the writer, was suddenly immersed in the fabulous world of Alice in Wonderland … A garbled reality in an undetermined space and moment, with a stage set that plays with the extreme disproportion of the dimensions.

The sound universe through the voice and the violin emphasize the duality of the character, transporting to a dreamlike universe.


  • Creation, direction, stage design: Manolo Alcántara
  • Musical composition and direction and musician: Laia Rius
  • Performers: Andreu Sans, Laia Rius and Manolo Alcántara
  • Support performers: Joan Trilla
  • Lighting and sound, and technical design: Ivan Tomasevic
  • Design and construction puppet: Toni Zafra
  • Costume design and confection: Rosa Solé
  • Props and pictorial finishes: Xavi Erra
  • Scenography design: Manolo Alcántara
  • Scenography construction: Eduardo Fernández and Cia. Manolo Alcántara
  • Production musical: Pep Pascual and Laia Rius
  • Management and production: Clàudia Saez
  • Distribution: Portal71
  • Production: Cia. Manolo Alcántara
  • Production Support: Alfred Fort and Clàudia Saez by La Destil·leria
  • Coproduction: Grec Festival de Barcelona
  • Support: ICEC-Generalitat de Catalunya and INAEM.
  • Collaboration: Teatre Principal d’Olot, Teatres en Xarxa, Teatre Núria Espert de
    Sant Andreu de la Barca, Teatre Clavé de Tordera, Teatre Bartrina de Reus, Social
    Antzokia de Basauri, Teatro-Circo de Murcia.
  • Thanks: Guga Arruda, Raquel Garcia, Amèlia Bautista, Marie Pierre Durand, Toti
    Toronell, and all the people and organizations that they have helped to give Dèja vu life.