Ajuntament de Reus

Potser no hi ha final

«les prados són verdes el “cielu” és “asul”» In Spanish there’s a say “fields are green and the sky is blue”

A jumbled stage … the acrobats are late …. and the musician, where is he?

This is the starting point of this new show.

A carrier bosses everyone around but no one pays him attention … A clumsy and playful flyer with a good sense of rhythm, a green acrobat with a low self-esteem … and a musician with delusions of grandeur … What can come out of this divers and explosive cocktail? Will they agree on making the show? Will they be able to chain more than a figure without getting it wrong? Will this stupidity have an end?

An insane journey which takes us from Kentucky to Montserrat and back to Missouri again, from America’s west to Andalusia, from Terrassa to Rubí through London!

A show following the beat of rock and roll with acrobacies on the board, handstands, mini teeterboard, balancing and hand to hand in duo and trio!


  • Acrobats on the ring: Tomàs Cardús, Marc Hidalgo and Enric Petit
  • Live music: Sergi Estella
  • Original idea: Circ Pistolet
  • External eye: Ramiro Vergaz
  • Accompaniment: Cie XY, Josep Maria Carulla
  • Board and teeterboard construction: Boris Ordeix
  • Lightning creation: Xavi Valls
  • Photography: Marta GC
  • Video: Alan Fàbregas
  • Design: Dolma Studio
  • With the support of: Associació de Circ Tub d’Assaig 7’70, L’Estruch fàbrica de creació, FIET Mallorca, Terrassa Arts Escèniques OSIC and Institut Ramon Llull