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A Salto Alto

A Salto Alto Entre gentilezas e extermínios tells the story of seven people, who have access to another form of life, and thanks to that they get rid of their experiences to embrace this other reality. The show unfolds from the tension between formal and refined characters and the irrenverance, they carry within themselves, with which they will reinvent their lives. The show profanes the romantic story of Cinderella to criticize the unrestrained consumerism of our society.

Artistic team

  • Direction: Circo no Ato and Roberto Magro
  • Directorship in collaboration with: Gustavo Ciríaco
  • Stage direction: Maira Maneschy
  • Performances: Camila Krishna, Carol Costa, Luís Fernando Martins, Mário Martins,
Natássia Vello, Rafael Garrido i Ipojucan Ícaro
  • Musical direction: Raquel Coutinho
  • Script: Roberto Magro
  • Dramaturgy: Diogo Liberano
  • Lightning design: João Gióia
  • Co-production: Crescer e Viver, Central del Circ and Iberescena