Ajuntament de Reus
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    Thursday 13, 22.00 h
    Friday 14, 22.30 h
    Saturday 15, 22.30 h
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Cabaret musicians

Five restless multi-instrumentalists with many years of experience in both music and performing arts gather in this combo where everything is possible. Brave sailors, in their music they dance from original melodies and compositions to the most varied versions. They dare try with any style, any format and all the crazy stuff you could imagine. In this musical ship, which can unfold a jolly passacaglia or atmospheric sounds in a theatre, they chase the complicity with the artists and the audience. A musical ship looking for the energy to make the circus acts and the scenic experiences magic.


  • Martí Hosta: drums set and percussion
  • Jaume Fite: bass
  • Oriol Pidelaserra: keyboard and piano
  • Tanja Haupt: accordion, saxophone, original instruments and voice
  • Nacho López: guitar, ukulele, euphonium, trumpet and voice