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Ajuntament de Reus

Col 3

  • Data
    Friday 13, 20.30 h
    Saturday 14, 20.30 h
  • Lloc
  • Durada
  • Preu
  • País
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    All ages

Sweat & Ink

Sweat & Ink is an exploration of memory and relationships through acrobatic metaphors: four humans wrestle with their own imperfections and limitations as they rub against the rough edges of memory’s fallibility.

Would perfect memory lead to perfect happiness, or can there be grace in our imperfection, beauty in our struggle as we tumble through life’s challenges?

Beautiful, messy, painful and funny, it is a show to make you gasp, cry, laugh and wonder.


  • Jean Pierre Cloutier – Dramaturg and director
  • Performers: Eric Bates, Alexandra Royer, Tristan Nielsen and Mathilde Jimenez
  • Béatrice Bonifassi – Musical composer
  • Arnaud Belley Ferris – Light design


  • Conseil des arts du Canada
  • Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal
  • La Tohu cité des arts du cirque
  • Jatka78