Ajuntament de Reus


[´e.go] is the confrontation of several characters living together inside the same person and of the different selves inhabiting each character.

In this emotional and thrilling journey the juggling clubs are the protagonists. An introspective and reckless exercise which becomes an homage to the circus element.

The audience surrounding the stage in a circle contributes to the necessary intimacy to participate in the research and, at the same time, it’s a wink to the traditional circus ring.

From this circularity which allows us to gaze at each other, Endika Salazar invites us to look within and towards all the corners of her own [`e.go].


  • Original idea: Dikothomia Cía.
  • Creaction: Endika Salazar and Pau Portabella
  • Performance: Endika Salazar
  • Direction: Pau Portabella
  • Artistic accompaniment: Pablo Ibarluzea
  • Creation accompaniment: Coral Graciani – Artaide Elkartea
  • Stage design: Xabier Vicente Andueza and Moriarti
  • Lightning: milakamoon

© Images: Gabi Merz