Ajuntament de Reus


  • Data
    Friday 10, 22.00 h
    Saturday 11, new schedule! 13.00 h and 22.00 h
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    5 € / 4 €
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    All audiences


One of circus’ greatest things is that it doesn’t need a story to move people, because it’s the art of risk, impossible things, skill, humour and music … in the end, art in all its expressions is at the circus’ service. And that’s the point we try to make in Dioptries.
A circus troupe is trapped between two worlds; they have to respond to the dialema to put two shows at the same time … In and out, the sudden changes from one stage to the other become part of the show.

Two shows in one, in which we want the audience to get actively involved and to die of curiosity to know what’s going on on the other side of Dioptries.

Artistic team

  • Creaction and direction: Toti Toronell
  • Assistant director: Pere Hosta
  • Comediants: Pere Hosta (clown), Toti Toronell (clown), Jessica Arpin (acrobatic cycle), Mon Mató (hand to hand and acrobatic bicycle) and Maria Palma (hand to hand, teeterboard).
  • Executive production and stage manager: Mercè Casas
  • Head of technicians: Kiku Martínez