Ajuntament de Reus


  • Data
    Friday 10, 20.00 h
    Saturday 11, 20.00 h
    Sunday 12, 11.30 h
  • Lloc
  • Durada
  • Preu
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    All audiences


Two doubtfully nice characters play with balance between pain and bliss. A role play in constant transformation; the tamer becomes the tamed, the kidnapper the kidnapped … The smallest distraction can be deadly or at least provoke some laughter …Who said you can’t play with knives?
Wood, ropes, knives, pins … pause.
Let’s sing the pain, drink and dance bliss.
The gypsy’s life, a tear in the world’s eye.

Artistic team

  • Original idea: Sasha Agranov and Pablo Domichovsky
  • External gaze: Karl Stets, José Luis Redondo and Jorge Albuerne
  • Photography: Laura Soriano
  • Video: Abel Moreno, Philippa Young & Ghinwa Daher