Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Saturday 11, 11.30 i 17.00 h
  • Lloc
  • Durada
  • Preu
  • País
    Valencian Community
  • Web
    All audiences


Who or what is sculpture? The juggler or the artifact? What is stillness? What is the limit? These questions bring us to the even more difficult, from the perfect balance toward the juggling architecture, the harmony between all the elements: pots, spoons, ropes and balls.

In Oyun (from the Turkish game) everything spins around the pots and other daily elements and while the juggler builds an artifact on balance; he creates the space drawing the air, and above all playing and challenging gravity.

This show is the result of years of research and experimentation, inspired by different artistic disciplines: sculpture, drawing, visual poetry, photography, architecture, music, painting, theatre and circus …

Artistic team

  • Script, direction and original idea: Federico Menini
  • External eye: Lucas Escobedo and Raquel Molano
  • Artist on stage: Federico Menini
  • Design and scenography: Federico Menini
  • Lightning design: Manolo Ramírez
  • Design and music recording: José Monreal and Miguel Serna
  • Technician: Manolo Ramírez
  • Costumes design: María Adriana Jorge
  • Video: José Abellán
  • Production and Distribution: Producirk
  • Photography: Rosa Ros
  • Magic techniques assessor: Pepe Torres
  • Circus techniques assessor: Lucas Escobedo and Celso Pereira
  • Web: Antonio Mira-Perceval
  • Thanks to: Andrea Pérez, Jon Sádaba, Carlos Such, Adrián Plaza, Guillem Fluixà, Nuria Calatayud and Carla Fontes