Ajuntament de Reus


Homenaje (Homage) is this moment in which something stops and there is no way back.
Homenaje is a sweet wound questioning and placing the audience as the possible victim.
Homenaje is a moment to be celebrated, shared and lived.
Homenaje is a challenge for stage loneliness.
Homenaje is a rebellion to what is established.


  • Idea: Silvia Capell
  • Performers: Silvia Capell and Bernat Torras
  • External gaze: Roberto Magro
  • Dramaturgy accompaniment: Alba Sarraute
  • Movement accompaniament: Laura Alcalà and Sergio González
  • Costumes: Txell Joanot
  • Lightning design: Anna Boix
  • Builder: Uli
  • Video: Julian Waisbord
  • Distribution: Oriol Escursell Domènech

© Images: Clara Pedrol / Marta Garcia Cardellach