Ajuntament de Reus

Entre nous

In an open space: three sticks, some messy chairs and a couple of music instruments. Five inseparable friends meet for the first time in a long time. They arrive one by one, they look each other in the eye, they smile. The map of their lives’ lines bring them to this place. Despite the passage of time, they are the same people they have always been. The music fills the space, the movement with complicity. The three sticks on stage bring life to the simple encounter in which humour, friendship and love meet in a horizontal plane as in a vertical one.

Artistic team

  • Performers: Heloïse Bourgeois, Constance Bugnon, Jeremías Faganel, Mikaël Bres and Matías Plaul
  • Choreography: Lucas Condro
  • Co-production and creation support: 7 Tours Produccions, Festival Complètement Cirque de Montréal and Collectif Entre Nous