Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Friday 10, 20:30 h
    Saturday 11, 20.30 h
    Sunday 12, 13.00 h
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    10 € / 8€
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    8 years

Quan els crancs portin talons

Àngel and Bàrbara, the runners of this performative action, tell us a story; a tale based in real facts about a couple that started in circus more than thirty years ago, believing that they would find freedom and they would change the world. However, the world will change them as well. The reflection about this world is expressed through their language: circus.

Through a reinterpretation of the relation with the object; whips, knives, sticks, acrobatics and clowns move the human focus towards the object’s point of view of the world. Through a post-human perspective, the elements speak from their guts. Thanks to Bàrbara and Àngel we will discover how this couple that has borrowed us their past –their private audiovisual archive– questions themselves and what is established.

They deconstruct their circus experience and background as if they were crabs. They revisit their past and they propose us an open and hopeful vision of the future. They are driven by poetry and the pursuit of beauty. In a nutshell: they question human nonsense.

Artistic team

    • Direction: Laura Tajada
    • Script: Laura Tajada and Escarlata Circus
    • Artists: Jordi Aspa and Bet Miralta
    • Versatile Technician: Pep Arumí
    • Dramaturgy accompaniment: Bauke Lievens
    • Lightning design: Cube.bz
    • Sound space: Cabo San Roque
    • Scenic space: Escarlata Circus – Cube.bz
    • Audiovisuals: Miquel Àngel Raió
    • Costumes: Monika Schwartzl
    • Production: Alfred Ford and Bet Miralta
    • Photography: Pep Gol and Heroen Bollaert
    • Graphic design: Münster Estudio – Dani Rabaza


Mercat de les Flors – Casa de la Dansa – Barcelona
Scène Nationale de l’Essonne Àgora Desnos – Évry – França
Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitaine – Bayonne – França

With the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura

Thanks to

Joan Duch, Marduix Titelles, David Climent – Los Corderos, Janni Nuutinen, Marc Miralta i Talleres Nevado