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Ajuntament de Reus

Col 3

  • Data
    Saturday 14, 12.00 i 18.00 h
    Sunday 15, 12.00 i 18.00 h
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Trapezi Elephant

Following the rhythm of the Always Drinking Marching Band, Trapezi Elephant will go across the town’s streets and squares with his characteristic energy together with his trainers: Mortelo & Manzani, and the company Todozancos.

Mortelo & Manzani

The current Trapezi Elephant’s trainers, reckless as they are, will put their life in danger and of all the audience surrounding them with-in four meters distance.


They count with stilt walkers from different countries who merge theatre and circus techniques, street theatre improvisation and object manipulation.

Always Drinking Marching Band

It’s a group of musicians, actors, technicians, pub poets, amongst other things …. They have cheered up streets, squares and stages across the world since 1997. Their name is inspired by the Mediterranean way of sharing life outside: at the terraces eating tapas, sharing drinks with friends from both sides of the counter.