Ajuntament de Reus
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    Saturday 15, 20.30 h
    Sunday 16, 20.00 h
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    All ages


Calor is inspired by the situation in which many people live. Unintentional travelers who were forced to leave their homes in haste. Nomads of our time who cross the world looking for a place, blindly groping foreign societies and cultures, cities and towns …

Calor reflects on human relationships and the search for home, for human warmth, combines the clown with the circus arts, presents a oneiric and poetic universe where the public is invited to feel, imagine and laugh, think and play …


  • Idea, creation and action: Quique Méndez
  • External gaze: Leandre Ribera
  • Accompaniment: Alex Britos, Ruben Rio
  • Choreography: Javier García Mimo
  • Set design: Violeta Ollauri and Jairo Fuentes
  • Props: Taller Guirigay, Casa Febrero
  • Costumes: Piti Demore
  • Lightning: Sergio Izquierdo
  • Tour technician: Jairo Fuentes
  • Photography: David Palacin, Gaby Merz Photo
  • Video: David Castro
  • Distribution: Jean Philippe Kikolas

Coproduced in collaboration ARCA, Internacional Meeting of Street Artists in Aguilar de Campoo (Palència)

© Images: Gabi Merz