Ajuntament de Reus
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    Saturday 11, 13.00 h
    Sunday 12, 13.00 h
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Where is the extreme limit of balance? This perfect momentum in which the law of gravity seems defeated, surpassed and vanished.
Where is the limit of our capacities? We often accomplish it, others don’t. Sometimes we surpass it, sometimes we don’t.
Sometimes it falls, others not. We like them both.
Ovvio is an encounter between two opposed personalities, who carry within themselves the same need for risk, the urgency to reach the limits before physics and casualty beat us. Where is the perfect momentum before the fall?
The “game” is the way to look for this limit; trust, the necessary uniting bond that keeps them going.
Ovvio is a challenge

Artistic team

  • Artists: Tomas Václavek and David Díez Méndez
  • Production: Kolektiv Lapso Cirk
  • External gaze and direction: Morgan Cosquer and Jorge Albuerne
  • Original music: Gabriele Mitelli i Nicola di Croce
  • Composició de llums: Flavio Cortese
  • Distribution: 23 Arts – Brothers Projections