Ajuntament de Reus
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    Thursday 9, 22.30 h
    Friday 10, 23.30 h
    Saturday 11, 23.30 h

    Plaça del Mercadal
    Sunday 12, 20.00 h

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Bal Trap

Bal Trap is a live 30 minutes match.

Bal Trap is 6 acrobats on the playing field who decide to play with everything that surrounds them, too often drawn by risk.

Bal Trap is a precision and propulsion show with bodies and sharp objects launching.

Bal Trap is the individual confronting the group, and the other’s trust.

Bal Trap is not a competition, but crossing the line together.

Artistic profile

  • Performers: Lluna Pi, Simon Cheype, Mathieu Lagaillarde, Hugo Moriceau, Jacob Auzanneau, Florian Bessin
  • Director: Le Contrebande
  • Broadcast officer: Laure Clapies.
  • Delegate production: L’Avant-Courrier
  • Illustrations: Lara Manipoud i Florian Bessin.
  • Photography: Christophe Raynaud de Lage
  • With the support of: La Gare à Coulisse.