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Eje 36

AXIS is a word used a lot in circus and dance with a multitude of meanings: the false perception of immobility between past and future; attentive listening and reactions; a place that does not admit doubt, that is nourished by readjustment and that looks in discord its own verticality; a road, a journey, a life full of distortions.


  • Research, authorship and choreography: Toni Gutiérrez i Asvin López (La Fem Fatal)
  • Music: Pia Nielsen
  • Choreographic assistance: Pilar Serrat
  • Technical assistance: Yuri Sakalov
  • Performers: Toni Gutiérrez and Asvin López
  • Light and sound: Joana Serra
  • Costumes: La Fem Fatal and Eva Szwarcer
  • Video: Ignasi Castañé
  • Design and engineering of the spinning trapeze-AXIS36: Gotz Garcia
  • Construction and mechanics: Uli Ulrichs
  • Acknowledgments: Miquel Barcelona, Melodie Cecchini, Philip, Leandro Mendoza, Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris, Ivan Arjona nd Marina Benites