Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Friday 10, 23.30 h
    Saturday 11, 23.30 h
  • Lloc
  • Durada
  • Preu
  • País
    Catalonia/Basque Country
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    All audiences

Eje 36

Axis, utopian discourse. A buried word in the need to feel a certain balance. False immobility perception comprised between past and future. A vibrant, alive and constant present –that does allow doubts, that endures through adaptation and that in discord looks for its verticality. A journey that seen in a distance is a live full of distortions holding on a single axis.

Artistic team

  • Research, authorship and chorography: Toni Gutiérrez and Asvin López (La Fem Fatal)
    Music: Pia Nielsen
    Choreographic assistance: Pilar Serrat
    Technical assistance: Yuri Sakalov
    Performers: Toni Gutiérrez and Asvin López
    Sound and Light: Joana Serra
    Costumes: La Fem Fatal
    Video: Ignasi Castañé
    Design and engineering of multiple trapeze: Gotz Garcia
    Construction and mechanics: Uli Ulrichs
    Thanks to: Miquel Barcelona, Melodie Cecchini, Philip and Leandro Mendoza