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    Saturday 15, 19.00 h
    Sunday 16, 19.00 h
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Fly me to the moon

Tandem bicycle: a ride for two
Journey: everything that happens between here and there
Moon: destination for all of us who want to day dream
Clown duo: walkers of the tightrope of disaster and poetry

A flying bicycle, wood, iron, dust, big shoes and brow-deep hats. The moon awaits us. Fly me to the moon is the possible journey of two clowns to the moon. It’s the feat of the dreamer. The feat of two innocent people.


  • Direction and creation: Leandre Ribera
  • Clowns: Leandre Ribera and Laura Miralbés
  • Musician: Marco Rubiol
  • Music: Víctor Morato
  • Set design: El taller de lagarto
  • Production: Leandre Clown Produccions
  • Distribution Agnés Forn

With the support of: ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies) and INAEM (Spanish Institute of Performing Arts and Music)

© Images: Alejandro Ardilla