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Veus que no veus

It’s high time someone revisited the well known classical entrées from a female perspective. How do these entrées change and which meaning do they take when two female clowns play them? Pepa Plana and Noël Olivé present Veus que no veus (Voices you do not see), a story of stories, in other words, a story with plenty of situations which trigger the key moments of this comic and poetic journey. Here we have two XXI heroines trying to survive a set of situacions, classical or not, which come with their clownish nature.

They want to be seen and listen to. Two clowns: the Auguste and the Whiteface. Veus que no veus brings the female version of the classical entrées. What would have happened if our grandmothers could have been clowns? It’s about laughing. Although it is also about talking, playing and biting.


  • Auguste clown: Pepa Plana
  • Whiteface clown: Noël Olivé
  • Direction: Joan Arqué
  • Set design: Xavier Erra
  • Artistic assistance: Inés García
  • Costumes: Rosa Solé / Imma Ebjol
  • Choreography: Roger Julià
  • Lightning: Yuri Plana
  • Music: Lluís Cartes
  • Music and voice: Rosa Pou
  • Photography: Aureli Sendra / Tony Lara
  • Production: Cia. Pepa Plana.
  • Authorship: Pepa Plana, Noël Olivé and Joan Arqué