Ajuntament de Reus

Rock Cirk

When you feel down … you don’t care about anything … life punishes you …; circus and rock are the solution.
Rock Cirk presents a circus show made of guitar licks, outlandish drum kicks, dismantled leaps, absurd balances, loose hair. Everything unfolds through an autonomous aerial structure. A shining quartet of rockabilly characters capable of seducing any audience. It’s a dynamic, fun and fresh mashup of circus techniques and the purest and more classical rock where a peculiar “catapult man” who pops by will be thrown in the air under the vigilant and respectacle audience.

This show develops an expressive and musical body language full of humour, where surprise and risk will keep us alert.


  • Artistic direction: Miner Montell
  • Original idea: Rolabola compañía de circo
  • Artists: Alfonso de la Pola, Rubén Barroso “Mini”, María Muñoz, Juan Antonio Parra Zurita i Iñaki Erdocia
  • Music: Juan Antonio Parra Zurita
  • Set design, props and structures: Francisco Coronado and Pepe del Pino
  • Costumes: collective creation
  • Production: Rolabola Teatro S. L.
  • Technical design: Iñaki Erdocia
  • Creation and space design: La Cajonera, Málaga
  • Technical lightning and sound design Eladio Cano
  • Photography: P. Alamar
  • Promotional video: Belén González
  • Dossier design and communication: Lula Linares
  • Distribution: Celia Negrete