Ajuntament de Reus

Guga & Silvia – Here we go!

Here we go! is a circus show, the biggest show in the world, in which you’ll find the best acrobats, balancers and trapeze artists, from the Nineties, and as could only be expected in one of the best circuses: a raffle!

This show brings a mashup of circus, humour, elegance, creativity and also glamour, which has never diminished in the golden age of these peculiar old fashioned characters. .

Here we go! is a show for all audiences for the young ones and adults to enjoy. It can be presented indoors and outdoors thanks to its autonomous set structure which does not need anchorage.


  • Original idea: Guga & Silvia
  • Performers: Silvia Compte and Guga Carvalho
  • Costumes: Rosa Solé
  • Set: Guga Carvalho and Rosa Solé
  • Voice over: Maximiliano Stia
  • Sound: Rufi Rodríguez
  • Graphic design: Mariana Carvalho and Ignasi Gil

© Images: Paulo Barbuto

Ramiro Vergaz – White Bottom

Patent-leather shoes, a stage on wheels, a trampoline rescued from oblivion. A genuine and timeless showman, at last, finds himself in the golden age he has been longing for so long: the twenties are here … a century later!

Welcome to the new roaring twenties: remarkable feats, dangerous challenges and of course our precious host’s sensual and seductive dances. A long time of intense daily training sessions and countless hours watching You Tube have been necessary to reach this point. Out of time, but in place, our protagonist –willing to surprise, amuse and move the audience– is on fire, he is working his ass off and taking the plunge!

Pirouettes, juggling-dances, feats and clumsiness. Elegance, extravagance, lights and brightness.

Will he be able to keep his sanity in his eagerness for success?

Will his rusty hips cope with his sensual movements and demanding pirouettes?

Will his keen heart resist the glitter of the audience?

Ladies and gentlemen, see the living proof that the only unfulfilled dreams are the ones we abandon.

Get ready to be on fire!


  • Creation and performance: Ramiro Vergaz
  • Direction: Kike Aguilera
  • Choreography: Guillem Alonso
  • Musical selection: Ramiro Vergaz
  • Scenography: Albert Vilar “Globó”
  • Costumes: Humana
  • Lightning design: Carpa revolución
  • Graphic design: Ona Vilar
  • Production: AlaPista!