Ajuntament de Reus
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    Thursday 13, 19.00 h
    Friday 14, 19.00 h
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  • Preu
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    All ages


Inspired by the divine proportion and number Pi, Áureo immerses the spectator into an atmosphere ruled by harmony and balance.

High level acrobacies in a space in which the relations between objects and people are worked out with precision and reason. Nothing is random.

This piece invites us to follow a transformation journey, in which the scenography will evolve throughout the performance, humor bursts in without being avoided.

Situations panned out in the most human way show the most absurd face of normality. They create an attraction towards the visual, the contrast between the cosiness and uncertainty of each leap, each fall by combining the russian bar, banquine, portées and manipulation of the scenography.

Áureo tries to tell the audience that there is something more behind the movement of bodies and bars: something which makes you smile.


  • Acrobacies technical director: Vitaliy Motuzka
  • Direction: Herminio Campillo
  • Performers: Anjara Moreno, Gisela Segatti, Guimelh Amaro, Israel Bernabé, Jesús Sandoval, Rubén Martínez and Rubén Hurtado
  • Lightning design and technician: Pedro A. Bermejo
  • Set design: Miguel Manzano Olmos
  • Costumes design: Pedro Lobo
  • Music: Javier Cano Rodriguez
  • Graphic design: Andrés Guerrero
  • Collective creation: Cía UpArte