Ajuntament de Reus
  • Data
    Tuesday 15 december, 20.00 h
  • Lloc
    Teatre Bartrina
  • Durada
  • Preu
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    All audiences


Esencial invites the audience to join an imaginative adventure with a set inspired by the famous children’s toy Waldorf’s Rainbow. Poetic, the scenography creates a magical atmosphere with subtitles that can all of a sudden turn harmony into chaos. Five performers leap, dive, dance, and juggle through a puzzle-like world of pillars and arches that constantly unfolds into new possibilities. An evolving architecture that reinvents itself, in the same way human beings seek progress. With infectious energy and humour, the five artists use world-class acrobatics to create a mesmerizing story of collaboration and creative problem-solving strategies. In this show, Miguel Moreno “Bolo” –awarded National Circus Prize 2016– is directed by Javier Parra and Jokin Oregi –awarded with the National Children and Youth Theatre Prize 2018– with his company Marie de Jongh have designed the scenography.


  • Artistic direction: Vaivén Circo & Javier Parra
  • Creative collaborator: Jokin Oregi
  • Performers: Miguel Moreno (“Bolo”), Raquel Pretel / Celia Sako, Chema Martín, Irene de Paz and Manolo Carambolas
  • Set design: Pepe del Pino & Vaivén Circo
  • Set construction: Raúl Ruiz (“El niño de las pinturas”)
  • Costumes: Juan Prohibido
  • Original music: Daniel Maldonado (“Sam”)
  • Choreography: Rosa Mari Herrador & Vaivén circo
  • Lightining design: J.C. Tamajón (“Tama”)
  • Lightning assistant: María V. Rosa
  • Technical coordination: Javier Luna
  • Tour technitian: Javier Luna, Pablo Lomba, Iván Monje and Aitor Palomo
  • Distribution: Teresa Arboledas (Escena Distribución)
  • International distribution: Violaine Bailleul