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Ajuntament de Reus

Col 3

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    Wednesday 11, 21.00 h
    Thursday 12, 20.30 h
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Kristall Bohème [excavación SUR]

Kristall Bohème is a research and creation project, a platform to visualise and experiment circus language and glassblowing art with several outcomes. Kristall Bohème [excavación SUR] is a performance ad hoc between a circus artist, a musician, an opera singer and a glassblower which deepens into the intergenerational memory.

A composition based on movement, aerial acrobatics, faquirism and object manipulation, creating a background of reflections, voices and transparent sculptures.


  • Conception, stage composition and performance: Vivian Friedrich
  • Performers: Vivian Friedrich, Sasha Agranov, Maider Lasa Santamaría and Ferran Collado
  • Cello and performance: Sasha Agranov
  • Voice and performance: Maider Lasa Santamaría
  • Glassblowing: Sara Sorribes
  • Choreographic advice: Virginia Gimeno Folgado
  • Creation a musical composition: Sasha Agranov, Nihan Devecioglu, Maider Lasa Santamaría, with their own compositions and Vítězslava Kaprálová, Luise Adolpha Le Beau and Liliana Zilinow’s music.
  • Dramaturgy: Ferran Dordal and Lalueza
  • Artistic accompaniment and exhibition design: Sara Serrano
  • Production: Sara Serrano, LaBonita


Coproduction: Mercat de les Flors, Cirklabo, KONVENT

Artistic residencies and support: Encirca’t, Fira Mediterránea de Manresa, Zirkozaurre, CRAC Centro Rural de Arte y Creación, Fundació LaPlana, Terrassa Arts Escèniques, LaBonita, LaBau, Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel, La Central del Circ and ICUB – Premis de Barcelona 2020.