Ajuntament de Reus


Ex-libris is about the moments of unnoticed happiness, the isolation of a technological society where small details cannot be seen, the books that wait to be read while fight for their survival. All that from a poetic perspective through the pages of the books, the Russian cradle, the walking globe and live music that will make us travel across a world of emotions.

«(…)It has lightness, poetry, an unusual calm, a lack of haste that even moves(…)»
Dib Carneiro Neto, Circos 2019 Sao Paulo.


  • Original Idea: Cia Voël
  • Artists: Deborah Cobos (Debi), Jordi Serra and Marc Sastre
  • Music Band: Marc Sastre
  • Illumination: Ignasi Solé
  • Custom: Rosa Lugo
  • Scenography: Cia Voël
  • Artistic Accompaniment: Spela Vodeb

With the support of:
Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura, Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, Ca l’Estruch
Ajuntament de Mataró, Ajuntament de Moià, Teatre Principal d’Olot, La Central del Circ

With the collaboration of:
Pájaro Carpintero, La Vertical, Patx-Work inflables (MOBBA), Winihard Gràfics