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Ajuntament de Reus


Trapezi collaborates with:

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Since 2006 COFAE brings together all the performing arts fairs of Spain and currently counts with 19 members. As a third sector organisation, COFAE aims to provide a public service promoting coordination, education, collaboration, communication and dissemination of the fairs as spaces for professional encounters and trade exchange. It is also a space for reflection stimulating the dynamics of the performing arts’ markets and is dedicated to promoting the professional sector of performing arts.


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The Association of Professionals of Circus of Catalonia (APCC)

The purpose of the Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya is to disseminate and normalise the circus, boost the presence of the circus in culture and society. To make it happen, the association plays a key role in the dialogue with public administration, education, creation, production, the tax and employment fields, exhibition circuits, dissemination and historic heritage. On one hand, APCC analises the needs of the circus and works to achieve professional improvement as well as the audience appreciation for all the sector, and; on the other hand, regularly provides the members updated information to develop their profession. In addition, all the members benefit from the continuous promotion of the circus developed by the organisation.


  • To provide professional tools
  • To promote and to control cultural policy sector improvements
  • To unite and represent the circus group
  • To promote and accompany initiatives which help to organise and revitalise the sector
  • Disseminate the circus in the cultural, social and financial life of the country.


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CircoRED is a Federation of Professional Circus Associations in Spain. It is formed by regional associations: Asociación del Circo de Andalucía (ACA), Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya (APCC), Associació de Professionals del Circ de la Comunitat Valenciana (APCCV), Asociación de Profesionales del Circo de Galicia (APCG), Asociación de Profesionales, Artistas y Creadores de Circo de Madrid (MADPAC), Asociación de Profesionales de Circo de Cantabria (ACPC), Asociación de Profesionales de Circo de Aragón (CARPA), Euskal Zirko Elkartea (EZE), Asociación de Profesionales del Circo de la Región de Murcia (APCM), Associació de Professionals de Circ de les Illes Balears (APCIB), Asociación de Circo de las Islas Canarias (APCIC) ), Asociación de Profesionales de Circo de Castella y León (CCLAP) and Asociación de Profesionales de Circo de Extremadura (APCEX).

CircoRED represents the professional circus’ association before the national organisations in order to foster information, communications and the knowledge of the current circus across the different regions.

In the context, CircoRED’s objectives are:

  • Recognise circus as a first level artistic manifestation, reinforcing its cultural value and bringing it closer to a level of equality and independence from the other performing art
  • Professionalise the circus, promoting knowledge about legal, organisational and management aspects.
  • Detect the needs of the current circus
  • To be an advisory body in circus matters in any situation related to the sector.
  • Interaction with public and private administrations and institutions.
  • Information and consultation point for circus professionals.
  • Improve the training and professionalisation of the sector.
  • Facilitate information and collaboration between professionals.
  • Dissemination of the circus sector both nationally and internationally.
  • Participation in networks and cooperation platforms with other organisations.


central circ 1 1024x238 - Collaborations

La Central del Circ

La Central del Circ is a creation, research, training, rehearsal and ongoing training for circus arts professionals from all backgrounds and disciplines. La Central is part of Barcelona City’s network of creation factories. La Central del Circ’s mission is to support circus professionals and accompany their projects in the areas of rehearsals, creation, management and dissemination. Another objective is to enhance the sector and the knowledge exchange amongst the circus artists and collectives as well as promoting the interrelationship through local, national and international networks. La Central del Circ also fosters a broad comprehension of the circus creation as an artistic discipline which questions and reinterprets the contemporary reality.


FTV - Collaborations

Territorio Violeta

Territorio Violeta is a multidisciplinary festival focusing on the journey that society and the performing arts, in particular, make in favour of equality.  Violet is since long ago the colour of feminism, thus we use this colour to talk about equality. Using the current symbology that relates women with pink and blue with men, and taking the common ground of the colour mixture, we play with violet as the common place of equality, where we will not get if there is no complicity between the two genres.


Irene Soler / Bruno Valls
+34 687 327 711 / +34 603 337 153
[email protected]