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Ajuntament de Reus

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Trapezi collaborates with:

logo apcc - Collaborations

The Association of Professionals of Circus of Catalonia (APCC)

It APCC Is a private entity, independent and without spirit of lucre that has the aim to promote and spread the circus at the cultural life, social and economic of the country. Founded the year 2004, it APCC merges and vertebra the sector since his onsets representing the different professional branches of the Catalan circus: artists, technicians, employers, representatives, managers, directors, dramatists, escenògrafs, choreographers, critics, theorists and educational. With almost 360 professionals associated, it APCC represents the sector of the circus in Catalonia.

Pobles de circ

Pobles de circ project is part of the Circus Promotion Plan 2019-2022, has been coordinated by the Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia (APCC) and has had the financial support of the Department of Culture as well as the participating councils.

The aim of the measure has been to strengthen a stable municipal circuit in Catalonia for circus shows and to expand the network of structures and exhibition spaces. It has also spread the creation of Catalan circuses, given more opportunities for exhibitions to companies and the participation of circus training spaces in the territory has brought these initiatives closer to the municipalities and nearest population. Through Pobles de Circ, small municipalities have worked on the organization and exhibition of circus shows, a performing art often unknown to such programmers.

The Circus Promotion Plan is an initiative of the APCC and the Department of Culture and has a total of 11 measures that have been developed since 2019.


cofaeRGB - Collaborations


The Coordinator of Fairs of Scenic Arts of the State is a cultural association without spirit of lucre that is born the 2006 and agglutinates some of the fairs of more scenic arts important of the territory with the mission to coordinate, collaborate and spread the concept of market at the sphere of the scenic arts, so much state like international.

COFAE, respecting the characteristics of the different fairs, wants to further them as a public service,  dinamitzadores of market, point of meeting of professionals of the sector of the scenic arts and room of reflection and formation; position as a speaker with the administrations and public and private institutions and being a referent of transparency, professionalism and nice practices.


logo micc - Collaborations

Marché International de Cirque Contemporain

An initiative from TOHU, MICC – the International Market for Contemporary Circus – brings together professionals across the world in the fields of contemporary circus creation, planification and exhibition.


ACE logo - Collaborations

Acción Cultural Española

Acción Cultural Española is a public entity devoted at furthering and promote the culture and the heritage of Spain, in and out of his borders, through a wide program of activities and initiatives that foster the mobility of professionals and creators.


PIC pla impuls circ - Collaborations

The Circus’ Impulse Plan

(Pla d’Impuls del Circ)

The Circus’ Impulse Plan 2019-2022 is an initiative from the Culture Department and the Circus Professionals Association of Catalonia (APCC). The strategy consists of 11 specific measures fully funded by the Culture Department of the Catalan Government. 

The main objective is a set of promotion and dissemination opportunities for circus in the country’s cultural, social and financial fields across frontiers. In this edition, Tapezi and PIC (Pla d’Impuls del Circ) are collaborating in two measures: A Catalan Journey and Esfera Circ.

A Catalan Journey

A Catalan Journey aims to give international visibility to Catalan Circus establishing a close network with European professionals and organisation to create synergies to boost the dissemination of Catalan Circus in the North of Europe. 

This one-year project consists of a series of virtual and in-person meetings with a group of European programmers and artists and professionals of the Catalan circus scene. In these meetings we will develop a picture of the current Catalan circus creation. 

Coordinated by the APCC, A Catalan Journey is the internationalization measure of the Circus’ Impulse Plan with the support of the Culture Department and the collaboration of Institut Ramon Llull.

circoRED logo - Collaborations


CircoRED Is the Federation of Associations of Professionals of Circus of Spain, formed by the autonomic associations that exist at the actuality: Asociación of Circo of Andalucía (ACA), Association of Professionals of Circus of Cataluya (APCC), Association of Professionals of the Circus of the Valencian Community (APCCV), Asociación of Profesionales of the Circo of Galicia (APCG), Asociación of Profesionales, Artistas y Creators of Circo of Madrid (MADPAC), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of Cantabria (ACPC), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of Aragón (CARP), Euskal Zirko Elkartea (EZE), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of it Región of Murcia (APCM) and Association of Professionals of Circus of Isles Baleares (APCIB).

Sense canvis: CIRCORED Represents the associative sector of professionals of circus in front of the institutions at the state sphere for propiciar the flux of information, communication and ken on the ongoing circus among the different territories At this context frame his aims:

  • The circus like an artistic manifestation of first level, reinforcing his cultural value and apropant-lo at a plan of equality and independent at the others other scenic arts.
  • Professionalize The circus, fostering the ken on legal aspects, organisational and of management.
  • Detect the necessities of the ongoing circus.
  • Be organism consultor at matter of circus in front of any relative situation at the sector.
  • Favour the internationalisation of the Spanish circus.
  • Foster the creation of lines of specific aids for the circus at the different freelance communities of the Spanish State.
  • Foster the presence of specialists of circus at the public institutions and at the scenic rooms of public titularity.


Cal Pere - Collaborations

Fruites i Verdures Cal Pere