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The Coordinator of Fairs of Scenic Arts of the State is a cultural association without spirit of lucre that is born the 2006 and agglutinates some of the fairs of more scenic arts important of the territory with the mission to coordinate, collaborate and spread the concept of market at the sphere of the scenic arts, so much state like international.

COFAE, respecting the characteristics of the different fairs, wants to further them as a public service,  dinamitzadores of market, point of meeting of professionals of the sector of the scenic arts and room of reflection and formation; position as a speaker with the administrations and public and private institutions and being a referent of transparency, professionalism and nice practices.


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The Association of Professionals of Circus of Catalonia (APCC)

It APCC Is a private entity, independent and without spirit of lucre that has the aim to promote and spread the circus at the cultural life, social and economic of the country. Founded the year 2004, it APCC merges and vertebra the sector since his onsets representing the different professional branches of the Catalan circus: artists, technicians, employers, representatives, managers, directors, dramatists, escenògrafs, choreographers, critics, theorists and educational. With almost 300 professionals associated, it APCC represents the sector of the circus in Catalonia.


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Acción Cultural Española is a public entity devoted at furthering and promote the culture and the heritage of Spain, in and out of his borders, through a wide program of activities and initiatives that foster the mobility of professionals and creators.


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The Institute Ramon Llull is a public organism created with the aim to promote at the outside the surveys of language and Catalan culture at the academic sphere, the translation of literature and thought written at Catalan, and the Catalan cultural production at of other spheres like the theater, the cinema, the circus, the dance, the musician, the visual arts, the design or the architecture.

The Institute Ramon Llull preoccupies to spread the ensemble of the Catalan culture at fairs and to assure the presence of artists of Catalonia at programs excelled of the international contemporary creation, works reason the Catalan culture was present at festivals and fairs of world echo, takes part at cultural events at strategic and pioneering cities at different spheres of the creation, and promotes exchanges among the local creative sector and the international with visits of commissioners, critics, programmers, publishers and foreign agents to assist at festivals, expositions, premières, concerts or conferences in Catalonia.


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CircoRED Is the Federation of Associations of Professionals of Circus of Spain, formed by the autonomic associations that exist at the actuality: Asociación of Circo of Andalucía (ACA), Association of Professionals of Circus of Cataluya (APCC), Association of Professionals of the Circus of the Valencian Community (APCCV), Asociación of Profesionales of the Circo of Galicia (APCG), Asociación of Profesionales, Artistas y Creators of Circo of Madrid (MADPAC), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of Cantabria (ACPC), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of Aragón (CARP), Euskal Zirko Elkartea (EZE), Asociación of Profesionales of Circo of it Región of Murcia (APCM) and Association of Professionals of Circus of Isles Baleares (APCIB).

CIRCORED Represents the associative sector of professionals of circus in front of the institutions at the state sphere for propiciar the flux of information, communication and ken on the ongoing circus among the different territories At this context frame his aims:

  • Reconeixer The circus like an artistic manifestation of first level, reinforcing his cultural value and apropant-lo at a plan of equality and independent at the others other scenic arts.
  • Professionalitzar The circus, fostering the ken on legal aspects, organisational and of management.
  • Detect the necessities of the ongoing circus.
  • Be organism consultor at matter of circus in front of any relative situation at the sector.
  • Favour the internationalisation of the Spanish circus.
  • Foster the creation of lines of specific aids for the circus at the different freelance communities of the Spanish State.
  • Foster the presence of specialists of circus at the public institutions and at the scenic rooms of public titularity.


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It APGCC Is the platform that agglutinates the professionals of the cultural management of Catalonia provinents of all the spheres and specialities of the cultural management.

Founded the year 1993 with the aim of future the point of meeting and the platform of representation and reflection of the professionals of the cultural management of Catalonia, along his twenty years of history  has gone cementing like a organisation of reference at the cultural sector and like speaker of the cultural agents of Catalonia. At present it is formed by more of 700 professionals of the cultural management that proceed of several spheres like the scenic arts, the visual arts, the heritage, the musician… And that work so much at the public sector and at the private.


Schools of circus

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Escola of Circus Carampa

The School of Circus Carampa develops his activity since the 1994 with the education of the arts circenses of a professional way and maintaining a commitment of continuity and professionalism at his programs. It has been present at all the important events of the recent history of the circus in Spain and his work has been the engine and inspiration of numerous young projects circenses for #all Spain and Latin America.

Teachers of very tall level, artists and athletes anointed with a long experience at the education, a pedagogical rigour of base and an alive and open form to conceive the formation, give a dynamic character at the program. They learn of the that teach, offering like this a preparation every day of main quality.

The School of Circus Carampa has evidenced with sufficiency his capacity of management and the commitment with an education circense of quality with his annual programs at the School Carampa of the Cottage and his participation at numerous pedagogical projects at the national and international sphere. For all this got the 2011 the National prize of Circus awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

His work is amply endorsed internationally, having at the actuality the presidency of it FEDEC (European Federation of Schools of Circus) They take part actively at the European debate on the education of the arts circenses and his experience is valued positively of unanimous way.


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Centre of the Arts of the Circus Rogelio Rivel

The Centre of the Arts of the Circus Rogelio Rivel is born with a pilot course the 1999 and already the year 2000 installs at the first sail-school, at some terrains ceded by the district of New Barris at the Association of Circus Rogelio Rivel. In this way, it sets up a program of two courses for the preparatory formation at arts of the circus for students of among 16 and 25 years.

With this sail creates a historic room at Barcelona, devoted especially at the circus and predominately at the formation and the creation, a room that is a place of meeting, of training and of exchange.

Born and developed from the effort and voluntarism of a squad of teachers and agents, the centre is, at present, a project cemented and recognised at the European sphere as a member of it FEDEC (European Federation of Schools of Circus) as a preparatory and professional school of formation at the arts of the circus.

The first teachers of the centre got classes directly of Rogelio Rivel, artist of a long nissaga of Catalan circus; the name of the school him ret homage to have them known transmit his deep amour for this job.

Year after year, the squad has known to find a balance among the traditional education, the self-taught formation and the contributions provinents of other countries and other pedagogical and artistic spheres for such to offer a formation of level.

The June 2, 2015, the Generality of Catalonia approved the Formative Cycle of Half Grade at Arts of the Circus. Since the course 2015-2016 are at willingness to offer an own title through his formative program.


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