Ajuntament de Reus

The Fair

Trapezi 2020

The Trapezi’s 24th edition has been completely affected by the global sanitary crisis. Since the first moment, the Fair’s direction, the organisers and all the organisations involved with the Trapezi have shown their clear will to support the fair and all the artists affected by the circumstances and they have worked to adapt the format of the 2020 edition to the current situation. Thus, we have planned the fair in three different moments during the year, giving a place and time for each of the main aspects of our annual gathering.

The first moment took place on the same dates Trapezi Fair 2020 had happened, from 14 until 17 May, and focused on the selected works in the programme. This moment was held on the website and the social media channels of the fair, where we displayed the videos in which the makers present and give us an insight of their work.

The second moment of Trapezi, the professional meeting took place on 9-10 July 2020, focused on the professional area, as a meeting place for the circus sector to keep the reflection, discussions and meetings between programmers and companies through a virtual format using the best resources in order to achieve a broad participation. A way to boost the market. The encounter will be mainly digital taking advantage of the communication and dissemination channels boosted during the lockdown. This will be a starting point for new strategies within the circus sector.

The third moment, which we have called Trapezi Live, from 23 to 25 of october, will be dedicated to the audience, who will be able to enjoy good circus live performances by companies of our area.

To make Trapezi 2020 possible we have had to modify the format, give up the international programme and adapt to the limited capacity rules in venues. In a nutshell, we have changed a myriad of elements that during many editions have defined the Trapezi. However, we believe that the situation has to be reverted and with all the necessary measures we will reach May 2021 to celebrate a great 25th Anniversary of Catalonia’s Circus fair.

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