The Fair

Trapezi 2019

In this 23rd edition Leandro Mendoza Artagaveitia (Cíclicus Espectacles S. L.) continues to be in charge of the artistic directorship working to strengthen the Trapezi Fair with a territorial identity to become an essential tool for the Catalan Circus and a reference in the professional sector in an international level.

The artistic direction project intends to promote and regenerate Trapezi, a fair with a long history, to become a big showcase to display the circus sector in Catalonia and beyond in all its artistic tendencies.

This year’s programme offers shows by Catalan, Spanish and international companies of different tendencies, formats and techniques. All these proposals match the preferences of the artistic direction: an excellent technique and/or variety of acts and/or circus disciplines, professional productions and a clear aim to communicate with the audience. Therefore, the presented artistic programme responds to an artistic and varied line and a harmonious programme in terms of schedule, audiences (family, adult, sector) and the venues and spaces of exhibition.

One of the priorities of the fair is to work to generate a co-production network to support the artists offering them resources for creation processes and the production of more demanding shows with broader artistic teams.

The Trapezi Fair, as the Catalan Circus’ showcase, not only has to work as such during the days of the fair, but throughout the year to attend national and international events to create partnerships and future collaborations.

Trapezi is and has to be our circus showcase, but also has to go beyond: an exhibition space, a meeting and working place for the circus sector in Catalonia with local and international cultural agents.


Catalonia’s Circus Fair

Since 1997, Reus unfolds the Trapezi, Catalonia’s Circus Fair. Year after year, in May, streets and the theatres are filled with shows that transform Reus’ squares into stages and the whole town into a circus tent.

With its unique spirit open to diverse tendencies, aesthetics, formats and ways to understand and experience circus, Trapezi becomes a reference framework for all circus lovers, professionals, programmers and audiences, who in May have a motivation to meet up in Reus.

Trapezi received the Ministry of Culture’s Circus National Award in 2012. And previously in 2007, the Catalan Government granted the fair the National Award of Culture to the artistic directors of Trapezi for their contribution to circus development and its dignification in Catalonia, as well as for their artistic vision and the fair’s audience impact; as well as for their project’s cultural decentralization and territorial dynamization; and for having built Trapezi as a meeting and exchange point, a reference amongst European festivals.

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