Ajuntament de Reus

The Fair

Trapezi 2021

In 2021 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Trapezi Fair, an edition in which we will carry out following all the established measures and exploring formats that allow us to make the event shine as much as possible. The Trapezi’s organisation advocates, once more, for physical attendance.

This year’s programme is formed by Catalan and Spanish companies and artists in order to support our immediate sector. The programme includes shows and artistic proposals of great quality that reflect our current circus scene.

The 2020 fair was marked by the pandemic, and moved by the will to advocate for the dissemination of the current circus, we looked for new formats, such as the videos made for Trapezi, which we called Poetic Memories, short videos revealing the creative process to the audiences. This year we will publish them again.

In order to promote the international dissemination of our shows as well as the fair, we are opening an international call to receive proposals for Trapezi’s Audiovisual Works Awards, which counts with two categories (Circus Experiences and Circus Arts), granted with 2000€ each. We are giving support to the research of how circus is represented on screen as well as promoting the creation of audiovisual pieces documenting several aspects of it –such as history, people, social projects, etc.

The Trapezi Fair is the perfect showcase to present the best contemporary circus talent, with creation and dissemination spaces that invite us to reflect, debate and share common professional thoughts between programmers and artists. This year the professional events will be organised in the same hybrid formats as last year, with online activities and talks which will be followed in person or virtually.

The poster

cartell trapezi 2021 210x300 - The Fair

Marc Sardà is a local illustrator who professionally trained and studied in the advertising illustration field. His personal research focuses on the world of toys, ingenious gadgets, and recreational mathematics.

The image of the poster shows a stream of situations and abstract devices flooding the graphic space, while revolving around the emblem of the Fair: the elephant of Trapezi. The author explains that the image is an outcome of the intersection of two sensations: “On one side the feeling of a town invaded by Circus. And on the other, the image of a very contemporary sensation: being constantly bombarded by a myriad of different concepts calling for our attention in a loud, absurd and constant manner.”

The chosen colours are lush, intense and optimistic. They are meant to work as a cathartic element and want to respond to the need for bliss.

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