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Activities for professionals

Wednesday 3 May

Online Activity

Zoom Blue - Activities for professionals

Do you know everything the fair offers you?

10am // Catalan or Spanish // 2 hours

*Activity organised in collaboration with COFAE

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Capacity-building activity which aims to share dynamics and strategies in relation to artistic contents, market models, professional encounters and supplementary activities developed before, during and after fairs. Plan, carry out and follow our experience at the fair in order to make our work more satisfactory.

Addressed to all the registered professionals (management, artists, companies, distribution, production, presenters, etc), but especially to those who come for the first time to Trapezi.

Presented by:

Abigail Ballester, general manager at TTP, the performing arts association for all audiences of Catalonia (Associació de companyies professionals d’arts escèniques per a tots els públics de Catalunya).
Margarida Troguet, performing arts manager and curator, deputy chair of CoNCA, Catalonia’s Arts and Culture Council.

Wednesday 10 May

Online and in-person activities

Zoom Blue - Activities for professionals

Welcome and presentation

9:50am // Catalan // Cal Massó

Welcome at Fira Trapezi by Daniel Recasens, Education, culture and language policies councillor of Reus City Hall and Alba Sarraute and  Cristina Cazorla, Fira Trapezi’s artistic co-directors.

Followed by the professional activities’ quick off.

The C* Plan and the environmental sustainability in the circus world

10am to 10:45am // Catalan // Cal Massó

*Activity organised in collaboration with ICEC and Circostrada

1. ICEC - Activities for professionals
2. CIRCOSTRADA LOGO - Activities for professionals

Presentation of Pla_C* Cultura pel Clima (C* Plan Culture for Climate), ICEC’s environmental sustainability plan and the guidelines “Shaking the current. Handbook on ecological transformation” of the European network Circostrada.


Laia Sanahuja, environmental sustainability plan manager from ICEC
Herman Bashiron-Mendolicchio, from Radar Cultura and co-author of the guidelines

Web Pla_C Cultura pel Clima

Guide-decalogue “Revision of my circus festival (or programmation)”
Towards good parity practices

11am to 11:30am // Spanish // Cal Massó

This guide aims to help achieve equality and parity in the circus arts. It is a living project that has the will to grow, open up to collaboration and be extensive to other areas and sectors, providing the necessary tools for the actions to revert to a new reality, in which equality is finally a new paradigm: that a guide like this is no longer necessary and therefore obsolete or a thing of history.

In order to make the document as handy as possible, we summarise it in a decalogue of ten common phrases used as an excuse as to why there is no parity in programmes. Based on them, and especially in the answers, we aim to raise awareness and attention about good practices.

This project is promoted by the Circada and Circaire festivals with the support of the International University of Andalusia.

Presented by:

Marta Sitjà, artist and the guidelines coordinator
María Folguera, Teatro Circo Price’s artistic director
Rosa Colell, CircoRED coordinator
Silvia Pereira, Festival Territorio Violeta’s artistic director
Cristina Cazorla, Fira Trapezi’s artistic co-director

Panel discussion:
Motherhood and Circus

11:45am to 12:30pm // Spanish  // Cal Massó

Motherhood in contemporary circus is a complex and challenging reality for families working in this field. Circus families are often forced to face difficulties in reconciling work and family life due to long working hours, frequent tours and lack of institutional support.

To improve this situation, specific policies and measures are needed to allow circus families to reconcile their work and family life more effectively. In Spain and France, reflection panels and the observation of different realities have been developed to address this issue and discuss possible solutions. In this panel discussion we will highlight all these problems and tackle the alternatives.


Carola Aramburu, artists of cie. Rouge Nord
Morgane Jaudou, artist of cie. Maitomano
Noemí Díaz, artist of cia. PakiPaya
Moderator: Alba Sarraute

Call for the audiovisual award

12:30pm to 12:45pm  // Spanish // Cal Massó

Brief explanation of the call for the award of this edition. Terms, deadline, jury and prize for the audiovisual version circus of Trapezi.

Official opening

5pm // Cal Massó // In person activity

Official opening of Fira Trapezi by the mayor and the organisation and, then, attendance at the opening show which kicks off the 27th edition of the fair.

Thursday 11 May

In person activities

Presentation of the European project Speak Out

10am to 10:30am // Catalan // Cal Massó

*Activity organised in collaboration with FiraTàrrega and La Central del Circ

3. Firatarrega LOGO 1024x493 - Activities for professionals
central circ 1 1024x238 - Activities for professionals

SPEAK OUT (2023-2024) is a project led by the FEDEC network, which aims to prevent all forms of sexist discrimination and violence in the circus and street arts sector by supporting its main structures. As partner entities of the project, La Central del Circ and FiraTàrrega will organise several activities in Catalonia in which they invite the entire circus and street arts community to participate.


Anna Bosch, La Central del Circ’s general manager
Mike Ribalta, FiraTàrrega’s Head of Professionals

Web Speak Out

Presentation of ICCAR

10:30am to 10:45am // Spanish // Cal Massó

*Activity organised in collaboration with Festival Circaire

4. ICCAR LOGO - Activities for professionals

ICCAR – International Circus Center for Artistic Research is an international educational project consisting of 6 modules of 2 weeks each taught by playwrights, directors, dancers, composers, etc. 12 students from all over the world have been chosen to carry out this project which will take place in Mallorca starting in 2022. Linked to ICCAR, and starting in 2024, the Unfinished Festival will take place, with a programme of circus shows which have not been premiered yet.


Tià Jordà, Festival Inacabat artistic director


Meetings between companies and programmers

11am to 1pm // Cal Massó

*Activity organised in collaboration with CircoRED and APCC

logo apcc - Activities for professionals
circoRED logo - Activities for professionals

Activity to disseminate circus proposals from Catalan companies and from the rest of the State to Catalan, Spanish and international programmers. This year the meetings will be organised by thematic panels according to the type of artistic proposals (type of audience they are aimed at, stage space they require, etc.). Each panel will have several programmers and companies that will explain their shows in 7 minutes.

The aim is to facilitate, in a professional environment, knowledge of the diversity of current circus proposals to programmers. These are initial contacts that want to foster and facilitate professional relationships between companies and theatres, town halls and festivals.

Information for programmers:

  • Registration is open until 9 May.
  • The organisation will confirm which companies you will meet on the week of 8 May.

Information for the companies:

  • Registration is open until 5 May.
  • This is an activity for members of APCC and other associations within CircoRED and for companies presenting their work at Fira Trapezi.
  • Capacity is limited and places will be assigned by registration order. Only one person per company.

If you have any doubt or query please contact Clara Faura at: [email protected]

Vermut PRO

1pm // Cal Massó

At the end of the meeting between professionals, a vermouth will be offered and it will be the time to start new conversations or continue pending ones in a more relaxed way. This meeting is open to all professionals registered at Fira Trapezi.

Panel discussion
Some aspects about the profession and the current circus creation

4pm to 5:30pm // Catalan  // Cal Massó

*Activity organised in collaboration with APCC

logo apcc - Activities for professionals

Presentation of the state of the circus sector in Catalonia based on the report drawn up from the 2021 survey of circus professionals, and which will serve as an introduction to the panel discussion. In this debate, three aspects of the current creation and production of circus will be addressed: the proliferation of solos and soloists, the interest in creating indoor shows, and the creation of circus for an adult audience, despite the difficulties of distribution and visibility of the companies.


Sector: Cristina Tascón, APCC general manager
Indoors creation: Maria Palma (Maria Palma cia.)
Creation for adult audiences: Thais Julià and Mati Muñoz (cia. Som Noise)
Solos and soloists: Fernando Villella (Bucraá Circus)
Moderator: Anna Pascual

Friday 12 de May

In person activities

Festival Territorio Violeta

10am to 10:45am // Spanish // Cal Massó

FTV - Activities for professionals

Festival Territorio Violeta is a gender equality festival that works in a network of fairs and professional festivals in the performing arts sector. In 2023 they celebrate the sixth edition and each season they structure an itinerary of visits to fairs and professional festivals of the sector. FTV gives prizes and mentions to the programmed shows that become part of the catalogue of equality to which sixteen spaces are associated (at the moment) and with which they structure the programming of the five headquarters: online, Santander, Sant Llorenç de l’Escorial, Córdoba and Alcorcón (street exclusive).


Sílvia Pereira and Rosa Mª Merás, Festival Territorio Violeta artistic co-directors.

Web Festival Territorio Violeta

Showcase PRO

11:30am to 1:30pm // La Palma

For the first time this year, La Palma will be the showcasing place of the fair. Professionals who wish will be able to watch the presentation of 10 to 20-minute extracts of shows that are in the creation phase or recently premiered.

Company: Cèlia Marcè Oller

Show: Nus

Nus is a contemporary circus act which tackles the state of shock after a loss. The fixed trapeze and the word transport us to a poetic imaginary to make visible without complexities a mourning process where humor has a lot to say.

*Extract from Nus’s indoor version adapted for the street.

Company: Manel Rosés     

Show: Alias Mariano

Alias ​​Mariano talks about staying, about other possible lives and about past lives. About desires, infinite, and about our limited existence.

In the middle of the room, a ladder which leads nowhere represents the constant temptation to leave by the man who inhabits it. Under the ladder, the objects rooting you in this space and from which you have to detach yourself to leave. How can you get out of this cul-de-sac? How can you inhabit a place you already know?

As he tries to answer these questions, he must learn to move with skill and precision in the ever-shrinking space below the ladder. He will have to prolong the climb of twenty-two steps until exhaustion. And he will have to repeat increasingly complex movements in a loop. Challenges of a man who seeks to redefine himself, questioning what has shaped his life until now: his craft. A job that he will talk about in a mixture of irony, melancholy, disenchantment and tenderness.

Company: Som Noise

Show: B r e a c h

B r e a c h is a poetic reflection on sexual violence through the circus, live music and performance. A socially engaged piece that stands out for its artistic quality and its authorial and experimental language.

Two bodies on stage, a rope, an electric battery and a viscous fluid. The question: when does a touching hand become an abusive hand?

Company: Maria Palma

Show: La veu submergida

La veu submergida (The voice underwater) is a multidisciplinary proposal that brings the circus into dialogue with an unusual medium: water. It is a path to the depths of the subconscious through the experience of apnea where the sound and light space are the protagonists. A piece exploring body movement in relation to breath, weight, voice and the element of water.

This proposal revolves around breathing as a basic human experience between the individual and the whole, as a hinge between power and weakness, related to the emission of the voice and, referring rather to its physiological explanation, as a hinge between movement and stillness; “our first and last breath marks the beginning and the end of life. A baby’s first breath, perceived by its cry, contains a symbolic meaning of joining humanity. It is the breath of life. I am here, he says. Hear me. Witness my efforts to exist and to communicate. The last breath is hoarse, irregular, forced. Or it may be practically imperceptible. He says: I am abandoning the breath, which is abandoning life. And between the first inhalation and the last exhalation all life takes place, continually rising and falling, inhaling the outside and exhaling what is unnecessary, taking in and letting go.”

PRO Lunch

2pm // La Palma, sala polivalent

We invite all registered professionals to an informal lunch. It is the meeting point that includes all agents: artists, technical teams, programmers, organisers, institutional staff, etc. We create the right space to encourage conversations at the table.

Circus conversations

3.30pm to 5pm // La Palma, sala 2

*Activity organised in collaboration with La Central del Circ

central circ 1 1024x238 - Activities for professionals

We will provoke conversations to transfer knowledge between circus professionals and programmers in order to encourage dialogue, reflection and detect common positions and needs. We will talk about a topic: what are the bridges we are missing between the creation and circus’ dissemination?

We will approach artistic creation as knowledge production, as a means of community articulation and as a generator of new audiences.

Activity aimed at all professional profiles registered at the fair.

Trapezi Pro Catalan Arts
Irene Soler / Bruno Valls
+34 687 327 711 / +34 603 33 71 53
[email protected]