Ajuntament de Reus

Activities for professionals

In this edition we are organising the professional activities in a semi-distance way, so you will be able to follow them digitally across the world. Few days before the Professional meeting dates you will receive detailed instructions on how to follow them online.

Thursday 9 july

10.00 h. «The emergence of circus authorship»

A panel discussion on practice, rights and experiences.

Pepa Plana, author and clown
Quim Girón, circus director
Rolando San Martin, circus director
Sara López Blanco, lawyer specialised in intellectual property 
Moderator: Cristina Cazorla

Circus authorship has been recently identified and is becoming an emerging issue now. This identity is due to self-acknowledgement, the capacity of the sector to determine different stages and approaches that a creation requires and uphold them.

The structure of a circus show is rarely based in a classic linear narrative, but a structure based on the narrative of acrobatics using the dramaturgical resources of surprise, risk, fear, emotion, etc. Since each creative collective and author seeks and builds their own creative model, we propose to share experiences and methods.

We will also explain the legal frame of authorship rights, procedures, makers’ rights and we will emphasize the importance of registering the creations for the documentation of circus history.

12.00 h. «El circus in Spain: realities and strategies» 

Space for reflection to talk about the sector from all its realities: shared needs, vindications and future strategies.


CIRCORED (Federación de Asociaciones de Profesionales de Circo de España), Sofía Acosta Martínez
UPAAC (Unión de Profesionales Artistas y Amigos del Circo), Manuel González Villanueva
PATEA (Artes de Calle Asociadas), Marta Sitjà
AECC (Asociación de Empresas de Circo de Creación), Quique Méndez
FEFPAC (Federación Española de Formación Profesional de las Artes del Circo), José Antonio Pascual Garrido
FEFCSE (Federación de Escuelas de Circo Socio Educativo), Federico Manuel Román Cortés

Moderator: Leandro Mendoza, Trapezi Fair’s artistic director

In the past few years circus in Spain has moved forward thanks to associations and unions. These inner organisations have created more robust relations with institutions of all fields improving our acknowledgement within the artistic sector. In front of the global sanitary crisis, there have been many actions carried out by these organisations that have represented several fields of our art in a unified way in front of the public administration. At Trapezi we want to offer a space to discuss shortage, demands and to share future strategies. 

16.00 h. Trapezi 2020: the shows

A space for 11 companies to introduce their shows programmed at Trapezi Live 2020.

With Alta Gama, Rhum & Cia, Cia. Hotel Iocandi, Madame Gaüc, Cia. Pistacatro, Cia. Manolo Alcántara, Vaivén Circo, Xampatito Pato, Yldor Llach, Ateneu de 9 Barris and Circ Vermut.

presented by: Leandro Mendoza, Trapezi Fair artistic director
moderated by: Gebra Serra, Trapezi Fair coordinator

15 minutes Online meetings between companies and programmers to learn more about the artistic proposals of Trapezi Live. We recommend you to see the Poetic Memory of each show beforehand. 

We recommend signing up in advance. We will send you the presentations’ schedule. 

Friday 10 july

10.00 h. Workshop  «Flashlights at night», activity offered by COFAE

Accompaniment method for the performing arts projects’ sustainability

Through this workshop we aim to encourage the knowledge of the accompaniment in cultural projects and the need to launch distribution plans, specialised offices, or open calls that come in to play in these processes as a foundation for the success of produccions beyond a local level.

Activity offered by COFAE

Speaker: Roberto Ramos León

12.00 h. «New future paradigms», organised by APCC

A conversation about circus about the new post-pandemic social and cultural context.

The global sanitary crisis originated by the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused, amongst other consequences, the cancellation of more than 592 circus shows in Catalonia, according to APCC. The crisis has brought more shortages and more vulnerability for the cultural sector, reflected in the precarity and the intermittency of the artists’ work. However, at the same time, new reflections and ways of thinking and reaching out to the audience have emerged as well as the need to be more connected with the society in which we live.

This panel discussion seeks to find a starting point to help us find perspectives to strengthen the values of our profession to keep moving forward.

Organised by: Catalan Association of Circus Professionals


Laura Benitez: Professora (Massana,Elisava, Uoc) investigadora, i curator independent. Directora del projecte europeu Biofriction.
Bet Miralta: autora i membre de la companyia Escarlata Circus i dels seus destil·lats
Roberto Fratini. Dramaturg i professor de Teoria de la Dansa al CSD de Barcelona (Institut del Teatre)

Modera: Adrià Muntañà: Artista de circ, performer, autor i membre de la companyia Psirc.

13.00 h. Vermouth