Ajuntament de Reus

Activities for professionals

Wednesday 12 May

Around the stage

Online activities

3 sessions of 40 minutes
+ 1 session of 60 minutes

The schedule of this activity corresponds to Spain’s time zone (GMT+2)

SESSION 1 – 10 h / Spanish

Participant Companies: Circ Pistolet, Cris-is, Guga & Silvia, Cia. Pepa Plana, Cia. PakiPaya and Cia. Voël

SESSION 2 – 11 h / Spanish

Participant Companies: Col·lectiu F.R.E.N.È.T.I.C, Dikothomia, Jean Philippe Kikolas, Ramiro Vergaz, Rolabola and UpArte

SESSION 3 – 15 h / English

* Session 3 in collaboration with the Measure for internationalization of ICEC’s Pla d’Impuls del Circ (Circus Impuls Plan).

Participant Companies: Alba Sarraute i Les Ofèlies, En Diciembre, Joel Martí & Pablo Molina, Leandre Clown and Producció Nacional de Circ

SESSION 4 – 16 h / English

Participant Companies: Animal Religion, Los Galindos, Nueveuno, Pistacatro and PSiRC

16.40 h / Spanish – English

* Session 4 in collaboration with MICC

Presentation of the working process of the project Latinamerica Circus Cartography, a proposal of MICC-TOHU of Montreal (Quebec).

Speakers: Ruth Wikler, Julia Sánchez and Leandro Mendoza

As usual Trapezi Fair proposes a professional meeting between the programmed companies at the fair and programmers interested in learning more about the artists’ projects. We suggest a meeting space called Around the stage to reproduce the conversations that spring around a show.

For this reason, we propose 4 sessions and we have grouped the companies according to territorial concepts. However, all sessions are open to programmers interested in attending them despite the proposed concept.

In session 1 and 2 we intend to boost the relations between companies and programmers in Catalonia with the rest of Spain. With this we seek to build a better exchange space between different regions in Spain. We invite the professionals to deepen into their closest proposals.

In sessions 3 and 4 we intend to disseminate proposals from Catalonia to programmers from Europe and North America. In session 3 we count with the collaboration of ICEC’S Circus Impuls Plan’s measure for Internationalization, and in session 4 with MICC’s (International Market for Contemporary Circus) collaboration, which will bridge between international programmers and local and national artists.

Session 4 will be longer since conversations will be followed by a presentation of the project Latinamerica Circus Cartography, an initiative of the International Market for Contemporary Circus, MICC-TOHU of Montréal (Quebec) with the participation of Júlia Sánchez and Leandro Mendoza. The project awakens the need to identify, catalogue and place on the map different cultural initiatives developed in Latin America. Ruth Wikler, associate director of programming, development and dissemination of Circus Arts at MICC – TOHU, the circus artist Julia Sánchez and Leandro Mendoza, Trapezi Fair’s artistic director, will explain the working process of this project.

Thursday 13 May

Activities in person –with limited capacity and booking– which can be followed via streaming here (Zoom app).

Zoom Blue - Activities for professionals

Welcome and presentation

9.50 h

Welcome to the professionals attending the Fair in person at Cal Massó. Leandro Mendoza, Trapezi Fair’s artistic director, and Cristina Cazorla, Trapezi Pro Catalan Arts’ activities coordinator welcome attendees and introduce the professional activities.

“Culture and territory. Territory’s culture”

10 – 11 h

* Activity in collaboration with APCC (Catalonia Circus Professionals Association)

In this panel discussion we will tackle circus proposals originated and developed in rural areas, which have bred sostenible ways of producing. These proposals can also bring new ways to relate to creation, the audience and the context which can set an example to face the upcoming challenges.

Speakers: Dèlia Batet (circoteca de Valls and member of the company Passabarret), David Ayza (culture department of Ajuntament El Morell), Laura Cardona (member of the collective Kovent.0 – Berga) and Raimon Mató (member of the Collective of artists of Girona).
Moderation: Jordi Príncep (escola de circ i teatre d’Amposta and FesticAM)

“Beyond the body’s limits”

11.15 – 12.15 h

We propose an exchange of experiences and debate about the passing of time and its impact on the circus artist’s body. A testimonial debate to share intimate experiences about the main circus’ working tool and the countless ways to face the passing of time.

Speakers: Graziella Galan, Boris Ribas and Pili Serrat
Moderation: Cristina Cazorla

In person, an irreplaceable value”

12.30 – 13.45 h

* Activity in collaboration with COFAE

The session will start with the presentation of the results of the survey conducted in 19 fairs of the organisation that show the changes experienced in the last year. Manuel Jesús González, president of COFAE, will share the current picture with the collected data.

Afterwards, the debate titled “In person, an irreplaceable value” focused on performing arts will start. Lately, it has become apparent that digital events and activities can be a complement, however they cannot substitute the events and activities organised live, therefore, in person attendance is irreplaceable.

Speakers: Manuel González (president of COFAE. Director of Feria de CyL/Ciudad Rodrigo), Marisol Rico (company La Tal), Alberto Conejero (director of Festival de Otoño and playwriter) and Jorge Silvestre (artist – Nueveuno Circo).
Moderation: Daniel Galindo (journalist of RTVE and director of La sala de RNE)

14.00 – 14.30 h
Hybrid Format (in person and online)

Presentation of the Audiovisual Works Trapezi Awards

* Trapezi Fair also embraces Esfera Circ, an accompaniment programme for culture professionals, with the objective of disseminating and broadening circus knowledge to enable the presence of this art in the performing arts circuit in Catalonia. This programme with its different formative actions focuses on broadening the circus imaginary and breaking with certain expectations and prejudices that constrain the creation, production and reception wheel into a close and small circus circuit. 

Coordinated by La Central del Circ, Esfera Circ is one of the eleven measures of the Circus’ Impulse Plan, with the support of the Culture Department and the collaboration of Institut Ramon Llull.

Accreditation collection schedule:

  • Wednesday 12th: 17 – 20 h
  • Thursday 13th: 9.30 – 10 h (only for those attending the activities in-person on Thursday morning) / 4 – 8 h
  • Friday 14th: 10 – 14 h / 16 – 20 h
  • Saturday 15th: 10 – 14 h / 16 – 20 h
  • Sunday 16th: 10 – 14 h

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