Ajuntament de Reus

Activities for professionals

The Professional Area of Trapezi in this edition counts with the collaboration of several organizations and projects to organise the professional activities.

Saturday 10 May

10.00 h Warm up «Feel the risk» with Alba Sarraute

To take a risk and trust the other are essential aspects of circus. In this workshop, Alba Sarraute, a versatile circus artist, will make us feel as if we were on stage.

Organizes: De Mar a Mar Pirineus de Circ
Centre Cultural El Castell

10.30 h Workshop «Circus in movement»

We propose for workshops in which you can work in several aspects of contemporary circus to share experiences and to find new resources.

  • Workshop 1: “Methodologies for the artistic research processes”
  • Workshop 2: “Corporal workshop for artistic accompaniment ”
  • Workshop 3: “Practices and experiences in networking dynamics”
  • Workshop 4: “What’s behind the fee?”

Organizes: De Mar a Mar Pirineus de Circ
Centre Cultural El Castell

12.00 h Dynamic panel debate “The circus’ international cooperation”

Stemming from the current situation, the history and the future prospects, we will evaluate the objectives and the payback that the cooperation strategies across all their strands offer.

*Instant translation provided in French and Portuguese

Organizes: De Mar a Mar Pirineus de Circ i Trapezi
Cal Massó

13.00 h «Circus at the Performing Arts fairs in Spain», talk by Manuel Jesús González, president of COFAE

The innovation that the contemporary circus proposes in the scenic language and the positive reception of the audience are key in the growing presence of circus in the performing arts fairs. We propose a picture of this presence to demonstrate the relation.

Cal Massó

*Pedro Struckelj is going to make a visual feature of the activities of Friday morning.

16.00 h Presentation of the Trapezi 2019 programme by Leandro Mendoza, artistic director of the festival

Artistic presentation of the festival: keys and features

Cal Massó

16.30 h Panel discussion «Circus and heritage»

The circus is an art and craft closely linked to the heritage. In the traditional circus, the transmission line was through family ties, with a broad family concept as an outcome of life in common. At the present, does contemporary circus have a good track record to spot how heritage works? We find very diverse models: new generations of traditional circus families who have updated their artistic language, contemporary circus companies with a long history have become referents to emerging artists, circus festivals that spark the children’s interest in becoming circus artists, contemporary circus artists who are parents of young artists, etc.

We offer a space to focus on diverse realities and the craft’s transmission line.

Organizes: APCC and Trapezi
Cal Massó

Saturday 11 May

10.00 h Link point between programmers and companies

The Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia organises this activity, an encounter between producers, artists, managers and programmers to explain projects and share experiences, objectives and interests.

Organizes: APCC
Cal Massó

14.00 h Collective lunch

At Trapezi we all lunch together on Saturday. Professionals of all the fields in the sector share a convivial and productive time together.

Cal Massó

logo de mar a mar - Activities for professionals

We host the final seminar of the project De Mar a Mar – Pirineus de Circ (From sea to sea – Circus Pyrenees) that will take place on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 at the Cultural Centre El Castell. De Mar a Mar collaborates in the programming and organization of the professional activities on Friday. They have proposed several workshops to reflect on the sector as well as a panel discussion focused on the international collaboration, in which several European experiences will be explained.

logo apcc 300x110 - Activities for professionals

Once more we count with the collaboration of the Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia (APCC) in the organization of the Link Point between presenters and companies, as well as in the panel discussion «Circus and heritage».

logocofae - Activities for professionals

Since 2018 Trapezi is a member of COFAE, the Coordinator of Performing Arts Fairs in Spain. In this edition, COFAE collaborates giving support to the facilitators of the Professional Area and organizing Future Debate with several experts of the sector in which current issues and the prospects of Trapezi will be discussed. In addition, we have invited the coordinator to put an exhibition about «The presence of circus in the performing arts fairs».

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CIRCORED, the federation of Associations of Circus Professionals across Spain, will also be present at the Professional Area, where will have a meeting point for artists and other professionals of the sector in order to explain future projects and to collect contributions for them.

Trapezi’s Professional Area aims to be a meeting and reflection point, hosting organizations and individual professionals to share experiences, interests and objectives. The rich collaborations of this edition consolidates the Area as an open and inspiring platform for new projects.