Ajuntament de Reus

Trapezi Pro Catalan Arts

Due to the exceptional sanitary crisis, the 2020 Trapezi will be presented in three moments. The one dedicated to the circus professionals will take place on 9-10 July with a set of activities that will take place in Reus and will be widely broadcast.

In these meetings we will tackle different issues about the sector and we will encourage the meeting between the programmers and companies through a virtual format using the best resources in order to achieve a broad participation. We want to take advantage of the habits and focus the contents on the circus’ reality and of the performing arts, which we will soon enjoy live.

Since we aim to organise a key annual gathering to connect with what we do and also connect between us, we present you a virtual activities schedule which will tackle different issues; from the current situation analysis, the development of the sector, to training and educational activities and reflection and debates panels.

Once more, the PROFESSIONAL AREA provides the sector with the possible resources to cover everyone’s needs within the gathering. We are aware that these meetings bring new partnerships and contacts. Above all, the main concepts of our professional system are revised in these events, which is always very necessary, and now more than ever.

Human contact is inherent in circus and in the live arts in general; however, under these circumstances we invite you to use the virtual tools to move forward in our profession and celebrate that we will soon see each other.

Jessi Pérez
professionals@trapezi.cat / +34 687 984 291