Ajuntament de Reus

Professionals’ Area

Trapezi, a national and international reference fair, invites you to the Professional Area, a meeting point for the performing arts. A place to enhance networking, circulation, promotion, cooperation and artistic collaborations, coproductions and new works.

In this 23rd edition we are hosting landmark organisations and projects in the circus world with which we want to provide a space for debate and reflection about the sector, its ecosystem, working on existing complicities and creating new ones.

We believe in the importance of boosting the relational dynamics we establish while working, creating, managing, producing, presenting or curating. These synergies will provide a starting point to achieve fruitful and satisfying outcomes, enduring bonds in a very specific sector of performing arts with a presence and trajectory across the world.

Cal Massó
Cal Massó was a liquor factory that has been transformed into a multidisciplinary artistic centre. We will settle here during the four days of the festival, thus we want you to feel like at home. We invite you to attend all the scheduled activities and to take advantage of the professional call, a place to share, to explain what we are doing, what we aspire to, what we need, and what we can offer. We want to boost the interpersonal relations, not only driven by business’ goals, but for for professional and personal growth as well.


Cal Massó

C/ de Pròsper de Bofarull, 7

43202 Reus

Schedule, information and accreditation

Thursday 9: 16.00-19.30 h

Friday 10: 10.00-14.00 / 16.00-20.00 h

Saturday 11: 10.00-14.00 / 16.00-20.00 h

Sunday 12: 10.00-14.00 h


Jessi Pérez

professionals@trapezi.cat / +34 687 984 291