Ajuntament de Reus



The Trape-Xic is a proposal addressed to family audiences very successful since its start, ahich offers an ideal space for its spectators and a varied programme. Located in the Garden of the Estació Enològica (Oenological Station), in this sixth edition, at Trape-Xic we will find the company Itinerània with Laberinto II and Titeretú, two interactive installations. In addition Strong Lady Productions will present us Strong Lady. Along with these artistic installations, goers will also find food-trucks that will bring a plus to this leisure and encounter space meant for families to enjoy.

The set of buildings of l’Estació Enològica of Reus, a design by the architect Pere Caselles, is an outstanding example of modernist industrial architecture. This oenological station was an initiative promoted after the phylloxera crisis. Although it was set up in 1905 by Royal order, it did not open until 1910, when it become the largest and most modern station in Spain.

Titeretú - Activities

laberintII - Activities

The Incubator

El Covador (the Incubator) is an initiative to showcase the work of professional circus schools’ students and to grasp the work done in these centres. Carampa School of Madrid and Rogelio Rivel School of Barcelona participate in this project with three shows of 30 minutes addressed to family audiences that will be presented at the Garden of La Palma. El Covador gives visibility to young artists who will soon become the protagonists of the next circus works enriching the sector.

Exhibition «Trapezi, a circus journey (1997-2019)»

During the fair, Cal Massó will host the exhibition “Trapezi, a circus journey”, a photographic exhibition of the fair’s history. Trapezi is and has been a showcase of the Catalan circus and various trends of international contemporary circus. The exhibition aims to show the diversity of the fair’s journey; artistic tendencies, the selection of spaces to present work, the presence in the town, the variety in circus techniques, etc. This exhibition aims to be a summary of the fair’s history defining its essence and showing the value of its legacy in our territory to reinforce its current objectives.

Exhibition of the Trapezi 2019 image by Jan Barceló

The original printings of the Trapezi 2019 image by Jan Barceló will be exhibited at Cal Massó during the celebration of the fair.

Jan Barceló is passionate about experimenting with creative and artisanal processes to express his artistic vision. Circus lover and a Trapezi spectator, Barceló relates the philosophy behind the fair, which values ​​human labor and the trade, with his work process linking the illustration and the handmade process of silkscreen printing. The image that he proposes for the 23rd edition of Trapezi presents the the circus artists arriving in the town, mounted on the emblematic elephant of the fair, with the intention to convey the circus atmosphere in which Reus is submerged during Trapezi.

The image’s characters refer to some of the shows that have been presented at the festival in previous editions, with the aim to highlight the artists who have made the shows possible and to welcome those who will be featured this year.

Trapezi in the schools

Once more, Trapezi goes to the schools to offer two performances for the primary school students of the town. The kids will see the show Dioptries of the company Toti Toronell on Thursday 9 and Friday 10. Dioptries is a co-production of Toti Toronell Company, Trapezi and IMRC (Reus Cultural Insitute of Culture) with the collaboration of ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies), City Council of Olot, Atrium Viladecans, Fira Tàrrega and the support of Mercè Arts de Carrer (MAC) Festival.