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Trapezi Awards Audiovisual Media

This year the Trapezi Fair proposes a new activity: opens an international call to participate at the Audiovisual Trapezi Awards. This competition aims to boost the production of new circus narratives in this format through original short pieces, between 4 and 10 minutes. There are two categories: Circus Experiences and Circus Art.

The aim of these Awards is to give visibility, through the audiovisual and digital media, to any experience related to circus and inventive ways in which circus can be shown through the audiovisual media. 

The categories

Circus experiences

Works created from a documentary or historical point of view featuring projects, tours, history, documentation, trajectories, social circus experiences or creation processes which bring circus closer to the general audience. 

Circus art

Works focused on ways to explore circus through the audiovisual media. These works must convey circus’ beauty, feats, risk, personal endurance, technical excellence or body narrative. 

The jury

The jury is formed by independent and recognised experts coming from the audiovisual, circus and communication fields:

  • Griselda Juncà Casasadellà (Catalonia’s Circus Professional Association)
  • Carles Pitarch Sales (Juandesafinado)
  • Iolanda Fontgivell Pino (executive director of Trapezi)
  • Leandro Mendoza Artagaveitia (artistic director of Trapezi)
  • Neus Molina Alfonso (cultural journalist)

Deadline: april 30th. Submit your work at premis@trapezi.cat
The verdict will be made public during the 25th edition of Trapezi, Circus Fair. There only will be a winning project for each category and the monetary award is of €2000 for both categories.